The Xiaomi TV Box S 4K 2nd Gen player arrives: it uses 4K resolution and Google TV

The machinery of Xiaomi does not stop for a moment. It has just been learned that the Asian company is launching a new multimedia player in Europe whose virtues include offering 4K resolution and also being quite small. We talk about TV Box S 4K 2nd Gen. We tell you the most important thing you should know.

Another of the great virtues that you will find inside the device we are talking about is that it uses the operating system Google TV. This is the latest that the Mountain View company has launched for media players and televisions, and it offers a large number of compatible applications. And, furthermore, its user interface is perfectly controlled with the remote control included by Xiaomi (by the way, this one has a microphone to access the firm’s voice assistant).


A good hardware so that everything works perfectly

The Xiaomi TV Box S 4K 2nd Gen has a quad-core processor with cores using Cortex-A5 architecture. This, added to the fact that it includes 2GB of RAM, ensures that all streaming service apps work perfectly. In addition, its storage is 8 gigabytes, so this section will not give you problems.

In what has to do with image quality, there is also good news, since apart from offering support for 4K content -it moves them without problems due to the aforementioned components-. It also offers compatibility with Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10+. Therefore, creations that include a high dynamic range of colors are used at the highest level. Besides, the connectivity is perfectly solved, since the following options are included in the Xiaomi player: an HDMI 2.1 port; other USB 2.0; headphone jack; And, of course, the power outlet. Besides, it does not lack WiFi and Bluetooth 5.3 to avoid the use of cables when accessing the Internet or when synchronizing accessories such as headphones or game controllers.

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It is placed anywhere

This is possible because the dimensions of the Xiaomi TV Box S 4K 2nd Gen are 95.25 x 95.25 x 16.7 mm, so in any space that you have in the table or furniture in the living room, it is possible to place this black multimedia player. There is no regional availability date, but everything indicates that it is imminent, and the price has not been revealed either, but it will hardly exceed 70 euros. That is, quite cheap considering what the competition offers.