The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 close to being a reality, its production has already begun

The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 close to being a reality, its production has already begun
the xiaomi smart band 8 close to being a reality,

The smart bracelet that has become a reference in the market is the one that puts Xiaomi on sale year after year. It is waiting for the new model to be announced, and this could happen sooner than expected, since some sources indicate that the arrival of the Smart Band will be brought forward this year 2023. And this is good news.

The specific wearable accessory we are talking about is the Xiaomi Smart Band 8, without any news regarding the Pro variant at the moment. According to the data that has been known, everything indicates that the device we are talking about will be a reality in the first half of the year. In this way, betting on spring is the most logical thing to do. The reason for saying this is that the source of the information has indicated that production in the factories has started, which means that the certifications have been achieved -and everything that has to do with the design and choice of hardware has concluded-. In other words, nothing is missing other than having the boxes in the warehouses.

[Exclusive] Production of a new Xiaomi Fitness Band (likely the 8 series) has begun, expect the launch to happen soon.#xiaomi #XiaomiBand8

—Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings) February 9, 2023

Some of the innovations that are expected

Well, the logical thing is that the trend that has given good results to the Asian company should continue: maintain a design that has proven to be very effective, but with some obvious changes. An example is that the screen aims to be larger, being able to reach up to 1.7 inches. We are talking about considerable growth, which will allow us to see more information and, therefore, be more useful when executing new functions that are expected in the Xiaomi Smart Band 8.

This would allow increase battery amperage, essential to maintain the two weeks of use in what has to do with autonomy, this has practically become a standard for smartbands that want to succeed in the market). In addition, it is expected that the option with NFC reaches a greater number of countries, which could be very useful if communication with the mobile payment services on the phones to which it is synchronized is finally achieved. But this is most doubtful, since the operating system inside the bracelet is very simple.


An improved connectivity in the Xiaomi bracelet

On the one hand, it has been commented that Bluetooth communication will be improved, reducing consumption that it has in normal use, something that is very important so that the bracelet and watches are more efficient in energy needs. Besides, as usual, the sports that are automatically recognized will be increased, more training options will be included and, of course, the number of screens to choose from will increase. And, all this, maintaining compatibility with iOS and Android.

The price will increase a little as it has already become the norm in the company, so it will be necessary to pay a little more to get the new Xiaomi Smart Band 8. By the way, it would not be surprising if the company surprises and announces this wearable at the Mobile World Congress in 2023, where it has an event already announced on February 26.