The Xiaomi Redmi Pad tablet already has a price in Spain, can it convince?

The Xiaomi Redmi Pad tablet already has a price in Spain, can it convince?

It has been known for some time that Xiaomi have the idea of ​​launching new tablets to the market under the sub-brand redmi. There were doubts as to whether the chosen models could be purchased outside of China, but information has appeared indicating that this will be possible and, therefore, in Spain there will be the option of evaluating getting one of them.

The name of the first device that is being prepared is Redmi Pad, and both the versions that will be launched and their corresponding prices have been known about it. Europe. The big differences between the two options that will be available for sale before the end of this year will be memory (both RAM and storage). Identical in design and with a single color option (space gray), the cheapest model will cost 250 eurosbeing their combination of 3 + 64GB. The variant of 4 + 128 gigabytes it will be somewhat more expensive, since you will have to pay for it €350.

A good detail regarding the prices, which at first glance do not seem to be the lowest that can be seen in the entry-level range of Android tablets, is that both options will have access to Mobile data (and, from what has been known, this may be 5G). If this is true, the attractiveness increases considerably and may be the reason that makes you get good sales.

A hardware in these Xiaomi Redmi that is solvent

To begin with, it should be mentioned that the integrated processor is expected to be a MediaTek MT8781, which is completely new and quite similar to the Helio G99 from the same manufacturer. If this is so, we are talking about a high-frequency octa-core SoC that includes a Mali GPU powerful enough so that it can even play smoothly. Therefore, the choice to be confirmed would be a success because it is differential and adequate in terms of performance.

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Announcement of the Xiaomi Redmi Pad

Another detail to take into account is that the battery of this tablet would have an amperage of 7,800mAh, and this is not much considering the size of the screen that we talk about later. We will have to see the consumption optimization that Xiaomi offers in this equipment, since this is a crucial purchase element. Of course, the team will have a fast charge of 22.5W.

For its part, the screen will be 11.2 inches. These are dimensions that ensure that the Redmi Pad can be used both for personal use and as a substitute for the laptop you currently have. with a resolution 2K, something that is very positive, it is clear that the image quality will be high, since the panel used will be IPS. Therefore, this tablet will respond without problems here.

The operating system will be Android

This is something about which there is no doubt, and also everything suggests that it will be the variant that Google has already launched and that it is specifically for tablets. Therefore, the full potential of the Xiaomi Redmi Pad can be fully exploited. Obviously, it will not lack MIUI customization and, apart from it, the main and rear camera will be 8MP.