The Xiaomi Mi Pad 6 will arrive with a surprise in its processor, what is it about?

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 6 will arrive with a surprise in its processor, what is it about?

It’s been a year since Xiaomi launched a high-quality tablet, a fairly competitive price that has become a reference in the market, we refer to the Mi Pad 5. Well, the Asian company is preparing a new model of which some of the most important components have been known that it will include… and there are surprises.

To begin with, it should be noted that the design will not be very different from that of the model that can be obtained in stores right now, since it will maintain its quite curved lines and with the metal as the main construction material. will exist Various colors as it has already been known because the Xiaomi Mi Pad 6 has passed through different certification entities such as the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

As far as the screen is concerned, the dimensions will be the same as the tablet that was announced last year: 11 inches. They are more than enough to use the dissipative professionally and, therefore, will stand up to the Apple iPads (without, perhaps, reaching the level of the Pro). The point is that this component will have an improvement over the previous generation, since its panel will be LPTOwhich reduces the consumption, and the maximum working frequency will reach the 144Hz -without lowering the 2K resolution, which ensures excellent definition-.

The processor, the great surprise of this Xiaomi

This is not due to the chosen model, but because there will be important differences between the basic model of the tablet and the two superior ones (which will be called Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro and Pro 5G). The first will arrive with a SoC of MediaTek that will make the price much more adjusted and, yes, you will not have problems in terms of performance. The options that are shuffled with the known data are a Dimension 8100 or a Dimension 9000. In both cases, smooth operation is assured.

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Colors of the Xiaomi Mi Pad tablet

The two most powerful options of the new Xiaomi tablet will include the almighty Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, a component that offers exceptional performance and is sure to be chosen by the most demanding. The price of this version will be higher, but you get more power with this hardware from Qualcomm which would fit those who are looking for a device that even allows them to edit multimedia content with an excellent experience.

Other important things that have been known

An example of this is that an increase in the amperage of the battery is expected to be integrated without having to increase the dimensions for it. In this way, it is expected that the brand will be close to 9,000 mAh, a very interesting advance that will be accompanied by a fast charge better that it will have an estimated power of 67W. Here, possibly the Xiaomi Mi Pad 6 will be the best on the market without a doubt.

With this and without missing advanced options such as fingerprint reader; WiFi 6 to access the Internet with great speed; and, in addition, having the latest version of Android, it seems quite clear that this tablet will be one that should be taken into account. The model we are talking about is expected to reach Europe in August at the latest, so if you are thinking of renewing your tablet, it is not a bad idea to wait a bit, since it will be worth it.