The Xiaomi 13 Ultra already has a date of arrival in Spain, and luckily it is imminent

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra already has a date of arrival in Spain, and luckily it is imminent

He xiaomi 13 Ultra it will soon reach Europe and, by extension, Spain. According to a recent leak, its official presentation date in Europe is closer than originally thought. According to the data that have been known, the team we are talking about will be a reality in the Old Continent on next June 8.

All the information comes from a web publication created by the Chinese brand itself for this exciting event. If we observe the data that appears in it, which can be accessed at this link, we can see that the website has a countdown at the top that ends on June 8. White and in a bottle, which is often said… and the most powerful and complete terminal that Xiaomi has ever manufactured can be bought in our country -among others-.

How is the Xiaomi 13 Ultra that arrives in Spain

Another thing that remains clear is that, as is customary in the Asian manufacturer, those who decide to buy the phone quickly will have gifts that are very striking. For starters, they’ll get a free three-month subscription to YouTube Premium, plus 100GB of free storage on Google One for six months. Good options, no doubt.

Colors of the Xiaomi 13 Uktra

Another of the secrets that has been revealed on the page that can be accessed with the link that we have left before, is the price that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra will have in Europe and, luckily, there is good news (always taking into account that This is a model that for what it offers cannot be cheap). It was expected that the least powerful option of the entire range will be around 1,500 euros, and finally the price it will have will be €1,299. It’s nothing particularly crazy, but it does improve the forecasts that had been made.

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What is included with this smartphone

Among other things, Xiaomi’s device packs a 6.73-inch 2K AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. This is combined with a powerful Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 2; 5,000 mAh battery -with 90W ultra-fast charging-; and a camera system made up of four 50-megapixel rear lenses that have the collaboration of Leica to optimize image processing.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra rear camera

Without a doubt, this Xiaomi 13 Ultra is a great terminal that, luckily, is close to landing in Europe, to become a one of the most prominent models on the market on their own merits. Therefore, it is ideal for the most demanding.