The Xiaomi 13 Pro will be a huge bet on power and photographic quality

The Xiaomi 13 Pro will be a huge bet on power and photographic quality

The Xiaomi 13 Pro will be a huge bet on power and photographic quality

Although there is no exact date for the arrival of the new range of phones Xiaomi 13, everything indicates that at most there are weeks left for it to be official. Among the models that will make it up, there will be a Pro variant, and this aims to be a model that will make people talk due to its high power and excellent photographic quality. And, today, some of the reasons that exist to say this have been known.

With a design that will not change much compared to the previous generation of Xiaomi’s high-end phone, except for the rear module that will contain a good number of sensors and therefore will stand out a little more than many would like. Among the elements that will be part of the device that we are talking about, the main one will be the SonyIMX919. This means that what is seen in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra will continue, which ensures excellent quality. In addition, the collaboration with Leica will continue and, for this reason, even more use will be made of the integrated hardware.

On the other hand, the screen aims to be of 6.7 inches, which will not be a novelty at all, since these dimensions have become almost a standard in the high-end product range. The point is that the OLED component will be supplied by Samsung, and will have a 2K resolution. Besides, it should be noted that among what has been leaked, it is striking that this element will have curvature and that it could reach 240Hz.

Maximum power, being the first of its kind

We comment on this because the Xiaomi 13 Pro, and the rest of the product range that the Asian company will announce, will use Qualcomm’s most powerful processor. This would maintain the usual cadence and would give these smartphones a plus of attractiveness against the competition. We talk about Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with its four-nanometer manufacturing technology that ensures fantastic power. Also, the RAM could exceed 12GB in the best variant. Come on, a whole beast.

Possible design of the Xiaomi 13

Other options that have been leaked is that all the models announced by Xiaomi will arrive with MIUI 14, the new version of the Asian firm’s operating system customization. This is based on Android 13so here it would also be the best on the market among the models that use the development of Google.

Possible price of the new Xiaomi 13

Obviously, nothing is officially known. But, taking into account all of the above and that this manufacturer has long since set aside offering high-end models at average costs (which is logical, since its commitment is very important), it is normal that the most basic of the Xiaomi 13 is located in about €800 -raising the Pro variant to a thousand euros-. That is to say, that it will be necessary to scratch the pocket.


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