The Xbox app will come to Smart TVs to expand Game Pass to more devices

gamepass 730x411.jpg
gamepass 730x411.jpg

There is no doubt that the screen size of televisions can even be the most appropriate so that any video game fan can spend hours and hours with their favorite game titles.

With this in mind, and before the gates of a new edition of the beginning of the E3 video game festival this year, Microsoft have taken the opportunity to announce their interest in bring the Xbox app to smart TVs, for which they are working with the different manufacturers so that this can be a reality as soon as possible.

According to Liz Hamren, director of gaming experiences and platforms at Microsoft:

We’re working with TV manufacturers around the world to integrate the Game Pass experience directly into Internet-connected TVs, so all you need to play is a controller

The idea seeks to extend the possibility that users can play the titles available through the Xbox Game Pass service on smart TVs, although for now we will be left with the desire to know when the application will arrive and who will be the models of the different brands that will be able to benefit from obtaining the Xbox application.

According to an announcement at the end of last year, the application should arrive throughout this year, so if expectations are met, It should be available at the latest for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

For those who do not have a Smart TV, there will be a Chromecast type device

For those who want to play the titles that exist in the Xbox Game Pass service on their televisions but do not currently have a smart TV, Microsoft is also working on a pluggable device, which Microsoft says will appear soon.

As you recall in The Verge, Microsoft was already talking about launching a standalone Xbox device last year.

The novelty is that it says now that it will appear “soon”, although there are also no dates, nor is it even known the form it will have or the specific benefits it will carry, or even the price.

On the other hand, Microsoft has also announced that Xbox console users will have access to the xCloud service by the end of the year, which will allow them to play games from the cloud without the need for downloads.

It is also announcing a series of news that will reach the xCloud servers. Will we know anything else during the famous video game event that is about to begin? everything is possible, although there are few possibilities of it.