The world’s first smart UV air cooler is now a reality

The world’s most effective, short and fast cooling room cooler also keeps your home sterile. Photo: Indie Go Go


Washington: The world’s first ultraviolet smart room cooler, which has been developed following crowdfunding on the Internet, will reach consumers next month.

We know that ultraviolet rays can kill germs and the ultraviolet (ultraviolet) system installed inside the Nexus Fan Ultra is sterile in every way. Plus, this Nexus Fan Ultra starts to blow cool and refreshing air in just a few seconds.

Before you get into more features of the Air Cooler, know that you can pick it up and take it anywhere, whether it’s an office or a park, as it has a 10,000 mAh power bank. Thanks to this power bank, the room cooler runs continuously for 12 hours. As soon as you turn on the Nexus Fan Ultra, it starts emitting cold air up to five degrees Celsius in a few seconds. It can also be charged at home via USB.

Despite its small size, it is great for keeping a large area cool. Its powerful indoor fan continues to supply cold air up to a distance of five feet. Adding water to it once and shaking it does not cause water to leak. Traditional air coolers use up to 70 watts of electricity while this air cooler uses only 10 watts of electricity.

Room coolers are generally found to be very loud, but the Nexus Fan Ultra, developed with the latest technology, is very effective and silent. You can put it in two options at your convenience, either it releases moisture or it throws cold air. After filling with water, this weight can hardly reach two pounds and can be carried by children from one place to another.

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The introductory price of this room cooler is only 45 45.