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The world’s first flexible OLED television arrives in Spain: LG OLED FLEX

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LG today announces the launch in Spain of LG OLED Flex, a unique 42-inch television that can be curved in up to 20 positions to offer the most demanding users maximum immersion when enjoying entertainment and gaming content.

Presented only last September worldwide, with the launch of this innovative combination between television and gaming monitor in our country, LG makes a strong commitment to make the most cutting-edge technology available to the Spanish consumer and thus reaffirm its leadership position in OLED , the best imaging technology in which he has been an expert for more than 9 years.

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We saw it a few weeks ago in Barcelona, ​​as you will remember on this instagram…

With customizable curvature and ergonomics

With ideal features to get the most out of all kinds of console, PC and cloud gaming games, LG OLED Flex is unlike anything released on the global market so far and ushers in a new era in customizing video viewing. contents.

This model stands out for its flexible LG OLED evo panel, an unprecedented technological advance that starts from a flat form factor to curve in 20 different levels up to a maximum curvature of 900R. This curvature modification is very simple and is done automatically, with a specific button on the remote control, to achieve the desired experience according to the audiovisual content consumed.

In addition, the television has an adjustable base with a vertical inclination of 15 degrees and a height of 140 millimeters, offering a great ergonomic adaptation according to the needs of the space and the type of use.

evo OLED panel

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oled flex

LG OLED Flex offers the same image quality and performance in any of its curvature positions thanks to its OLED evo panel. This technology, an evolution resulting from LG’s leadership in OLED sales worldwide for 9 years, allows to achieve the purest blacks and brightest colors, with 100% color fidelity, with an α9 Gen5 processor specially designed for get the most out of your OLED panel. Its response time of 0.1 milliseconds and its low latency of less than 12 milliseconds make the LG OLED Flex the perfect television for the most demanding gamers.

This model also includes the functionality of adjusting the size and position of the virtual screen, to customize them according to the user’s preferences or the game genre; and MultiView, an option with which gamers can view content from two different sources simultaneously, choosing the audio of the content they want to listen to, so that, for example, they can play games and watch videos at the same time.

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These features are available from the Gaming Dashboard menu, while the revamped Gaming Optimizer adds custom image and sound settings for different game genres, with equalizer, AI sound switches, Dolby Atmos, and more to tailor the experience. gaming to the fullest.

This experience is reinforced with support for Dolby Vision 4K and 120H gaming, HDMI 2.1 connectivity, VRR and ALLM low latency auto mode, together with G-Sync compatibility and AMD FreeSync Premium certification, which guarantee images without interruptions or slowdowns. .

Finally, the LG OLED Flex incorporates customizable back lighting in five unique modes to enhance the gaming atmosphere by synchronizing lights with the video and audio played on the TV.

Price and availability

From today the pre-purchase of LG OLED Flex is open for €2,999 at this link

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