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The world’s first artificial gravity space stations

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In order for our experience in space to be as smooth as possible, it is necessary to feel the effect of Gravity, at least partially. Gravity is what has shaped our bodies, and not being under its effect can have negative health consequences.

With this objective, several projects related to the creation of Artificial gravity systems have been developed over time. In science fiction books they usually do it with centrifugal force, for example.

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The fact is that the California startup Vast has reported that it will develop artificial gravity space stations to improve human productivity in space.

Several industry professionals are working on the project, including former SpaceX vice president Hans Koenigsmann.

The goal is to help conquer the solar system in order to make use of its resources, so that we can grow and prosper while preserving our planet.

Once large populations of humans can live in space, we will be able to create the industry and infrastructure needed to access those resources at scale.

The company’s space station will be able to accommodate more than 40 people and be about 100 meters long, all with artificial gravity so that there are no problems with muscle atrophy, bone loss and even brain damage.

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In the same way that we read in science fiction, they will do it with the centrifugal force that is produced thanks to a large rotating structure.

It is not the first time that a company has tried it, since space tourism is no longer something completely inaccessible. Prices will go down over time and it will become a millionaire industry in a short time.

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