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The WiFi was terrible for me until I installed this program on my PC: now my connection flies

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Considering how easy it is to connect to a WiFi network to connect all kinds of wireless devices, it is possible that the network at one point or another starts to slow down. how can there be many reasons for slow wireless networkso you should consider using specialized tools to identify the source of the problem.

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One of the most recommended tools for this purpose is WifiDiagnosticViewa simple and lightweight application that allows you to monitor wireless networks and highlight events that affect WiFi quality and performance.

This program is the best friend of your WiFi

Developed by Nirsoft, WifiDiagnosticView is a program that is very simple in its interface, but very useful as soon as you start using it and see what it can be capable of. It is a tool that monitors the status of the network and displays a wireless connectivity event log of our equipment, including connections, disconnections, changes in signal quality and many more details. The advantage is that we can know almost instantly what has happened on our WiFi.


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Each of these reports that configure the event log has fully described what has happened in a fairly considerable level of detailwriting down the date and time, as well as the name of the profile, the SSID, the connection method and more information that can help us to find the most optimal solution for our problem.

WifiDiagnosticView shows these events associated with our network chronologically, but beyond this timelinewe can also do manual searches using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F. We can also use the mouse to order the events and those with incidents appear first and even save logs and export them in a multitude of extensions such as txt, xml or html.

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The only drawback that we could put to the program is that its main utility is to find out where the error that affects the wireless connectivity of our equipment is, but does not run connectivity solutions itself. It will tell us an error code associated with each of the incidence events and we will have to be the ones who look for the way to find the solution.

A completely portable program

WifiDiagnosticView, like other Nirsoft tools, is portable, so you simply need to unzip and launch the executable to get started. It is worth mentioning that the application can be configured to show only one icon in system tray, avoiding distractions. So that you don’t have to open another window, simply check the application from the system tray when necessary. Even if you don’t have an application window open, the program runs in the background, monitoring network events.

strong wifi

Both WifiDiagnosticView and the rest of Nirsoft’s programs and utilities are completely free and available for all versions of Windows. To download them to your computer, all you have to do is go to the developer’s website and find the one that interests you the most.

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