The widgets that cannot be missing from the home screen of my mobile: the four essential apps

This access to applications is the best way to see information and functions quickly, and these are some of the most recommended.


Android has always boasted of being an operating system with more customization possibilities than Apple’s. And one of the things that has reached Android users in Spain before than those of iOS are the widgets. This element has been on Android for many years, and relatively recently it has landed on Apple mobile phones.

Many brands, such as Samsung, have exclusive versions for their mobile phones, although most Android applications have some. It is a panel that can be of different sizes and that serves as direct access to some applications and their functions.

At EL ESPAƑOL – El Androide Libre we have compiled some of those that we consider essential. And these are elements that can shorten many daily processes, not only when accessing functions within the apps, but also when viewing information.

Folder Widget

First of all, there is one of the most useful applications for the home screen of your mobile phone or tablet, since it allows you to save space and display more applications than the system allows. That is, it allows you to create expanded folders in which you can put as many applications as you want and that will open just by touching them.

This can be very useful for those occasions when the launcher It does not allow you to add more icons and you want to make the most of the space. Besides, options can be modified such as its appearance, its margins and even the size of the app grid.

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It is possible to add both application icons and other widgets, so a large number of direct combinations and excesses can be made. The result will be a much more comfortable experience when using the device. Personally, it is one of the first applications that I install every time I am going to use a new mobile phone.


Since it went from being a paid application to a completely free platform, Notion is one of the most recommended apps in the Google store, since it allows you to create a great note system in an infinite number of formats, which can be very useful. It helps, not only for studies, but also for many jobs.


The company has several widgets available with which you can access either individual notes or the list of notes that are saved as favorites, which allows very quick access to various pages within the application without even having to open it.

If used daily, this can save a lot of time that is unnecessarily wasted opening the app and choosing the note you want to access. Additionally, in the case of individual widgets, they will have the same cover image that has been chosen for the page.

Digital Wellbeing

It is important not to abuse the time you use your cell phone on a daily basis. Although it is a very powerful tool that can be used for all kinds of things, we must not lose focus on the rest of the things that happen around us. Precisely, to help disconnect from the mobile phone, Google launched the Digital Wellbeing function on all Android phones.

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This is a section within the settings section where you can see how much time per day you have spent actively using your mobile phone and which applications you have spent the most time on, which allows you to better self-regulate.


This function has a widget that can be adjusted to different sizes and in which you can show both the hours spent looking at the mobile throughout the day, as well as the most used applications during this period, making it extremely useful. to carry out a quick check and know if we need to say enough with cell phone use for today.

Google News

The Google news application is one of the best to stay informed about current events and other topics of interest. He is a good reader and It has quite a few built-in fonts. As it could not be otherwise, it also has its own widgets, and these allow you to always be updated on the latest important events.


There are two sizes available, the largest being the one capable of displaying more news, as well as its cover photographs. By clicking both on the news that they show as the main message and on the main page of the application.

It’s a good way to stay up to date with the latest news without having to constantly check the app. In addition, it allows you to explore the latest publications to access only the content that is of interest.