The WhatsApp novelty that the OCU wants you to activate to avoid scams

the whatsapp novelty that the ocu wants you to activate.webp.webp.webp
the whatsapp novelty that the ocu wants you to activate.webp.webp.webp

Do you receive many messages from strangers on WhatsApp? You know, those notifications that pop up on your Android without you having added the number to your phonebook. Well: WhatsApp has a recent option with which you can directly block those people. No need to delve into settings nor do double blue checks in your message– directly from the notification. As confirmed from the OCUit is worth taking this privacy function into account.

Having the possibility of communicating with almost anyone is one of the great advantages of applications like WhatsApp, not in vain It is strange that another person does not have an account in the application. Although of course, it is also a problem: anyone can contact us through WhatsApp just by knowing our number. Even without knowing it, since it is enough for someone to write it randomly for us to appear. So, in the event of any attempt at unauthorized contact, it is best to block. Without compassion.

WhatsApp lets you block a number without opening the application

Whatsapp Lock

Blocking contacts from WhatsApp notification

Before Meta will introduce the novelty in its messaging application You had to go to the conversations list, press and hold on the unwanted message and block the number so that it would not try to contact you again. Since last February this is no longer the case: WhatsApp has enabled number blocking directly from the message notification.

Whenever you receive a new WhatsApp from someone unknown, and it does not appear as registered in the contact book, the application will offer you a fast track lock. To do this, just display the notifications area of ​​your Android and click on the notification arrow. Specifically, the steps are as follows:

  • If a stranger tries to

    Avoid having to block: this way you can prevent unknown numbers from calling you on WhatsApp

    Whatsapp Lock

    The direct blocking tool and through notifications is very good, but it also doesn’t hurt to take precautions and prevent anyone from contacting you through WhatsApp. The bad news is that You cannot block all messages from strangers by default, since you must receive them first to block them later. What you can do currently is prevent them from calling you, which is a lot.

    WhatsApp does not allow you to block messages from unknown numbers: you can only apply this blocking to calls

    To block all unknown WhatsApp calls you must perform the following steps:

    • Open your WhatsApp application and click on the three top menu points.
    • Select “Settings” and go to the “Privacy” menu.
    • Go down to “Calls”, enter the menu and activate the “Silence calls from unknown numbers».
    • Additionally, you can activate another tool that will be very good for you to avoid unwanted contacts: in the same privacy section, go to the “Groups” menu and choose “My contacts.” That way no stranger will be able to sneak you into a WhatsApp group.

    You cannot block the WhatsApps of someone you don’t know by default, but it is possible to block calls and entry into unwanted groups. Our advice is that keep both privacy functions always active: WhatsApp has become a breeding ground for scams.

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