The WhatsApp Business opportunity in the face of the new customer service law

whatsapp business is linked to facebook business
whatsapp business is linked to facebook business
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The Council of Ministers has recently approved the referral to the Cortes Generales of the Customer Services Billwith the aim of alleviating the deficiencies detected in the provision of this type of service by large companies.

A law that seeks to improve consumer rights by forcing companies to have an effective system to deal with complaints quickly. It intends to set a maximum period of one month to resolve customer complaints and prevents customer service from providing additional income to the company at the user’s expense.

The new standard anticipates great challenges, especially for many companies that have grown under the e-commerce model and do not have a large customer service department or large resources to speed up their response. Hence, these types of companies have their sights set on technology to find answers to the needs that will arise from the new law.

In this context, tools already consolidated in companies such as WhatsApp Business and even professional SMS, are postulated as easy and functional alternatives to enrich and resolve customer information requests. Here we summarize some of its advantages before the new Law.

Features of WhatsApp Business API

With more than 2,000 million active users and 30.5 million in Spain, WhatsApp is, after SMS, the most popular mobile messaging application in the world. On average, a user opens the app more than 20 times a day, which makes it a very useful channel to achieve greater engagement with customers.

That is why the WhatsApp Business API It has been specifically designed so that companies can hold two-way conversations with their customers, a circumstance required by the new Customer Service Law.

WhatsApp Business API It allows organizations to carry out marketing campaigns, send alerts or reminder messages and customer service conversations. To do this, the user must previously accept the receipt of this type of communication, which can be managed by an agent or a chatbot.

How to take advantage of the WhatsApp Business API in the face of the new law?

The WhatsApp Business API It is an increasingly used platform in mobile marketing. It is specifically designed so that organizations can use WhatsApp as a communication tool with their professional audiences, mainly customers.

To take advantage of the WhatsApp Business API, organizations use different techniques and strategies. One of them is the personalization of the message. Thanks to having a corporate and verified profile, the name of the sender appears automatically, and they are also usually adapted with the name of the recipient, to generate authenticity and empathy.

One of the great advantages of WhatsApp in improving customer service is that it can generate automatic responses. This allows information to be provided immediately to the most common, general and frequent questions that customers ask. If the question is not satisfied with the automatic answers, the system refers the case to an agent in the same chat, which improves the customer experience.

Another advantage is the possibility of including in the answers pictures, videos, or links directly to other online spaces where you can expand information.

Beyond these advantages, many of the companies that incorporate the WhatsApp Business API use it for mobile marketing actions aimed at retention and loyalty: reminders, promotions and flash offers, special discounts for VIP clients, or discount codes are more and more frequent uses.

How to request the WhatsApp Business API

To request the WhatsApp Business API you will need to contact a solution provider that facilitates access in a simple and fast way.

After submitting basic information about our company, they take care of verifying the company page on Facebook, setting up the account and optimizing the profile on WhatsApp according to the style of your brand. with the profile image and the description of the company. You just have to wait for the supplier to confirm that everything is ready.

SMS for companies

Given the growth of SMS as a communication channel, and with the expectation of the approval of the new Customer Service Law, the use of SMS for companies is another alternative that makes it easy to notify customers quickly and easily, with an opening rate of over 90%.

Professional SMS platforms also incorporate functions for automating responses or sending important notifications. This is especially useful, for example, to confirm home deliveries or to know the status of a shipment in the distribution chain. It is also very helpful in businesses that offer services dependent on appointment scheduling: the SMS allows reminders to be sent and the user can confirm the appointment or modify it directly through a link in the content of the SMS.

Many organizations use SMS due to the possibilities of audience segmentation, campaign programming or the creation of direct and secure connections with their customers.

In addition, many of the platforms designed for sending business SMS offer multiple design and customization options, such as designing landing pages, integrating SMS with the organization’s CRM, sending certified SMS to validate legal documents or conducting customer surveys. satisfaction.


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