The webcam on my laptop is terrible, so my Android phone has taken away its work. This is how I have done it

the webcam on my laptop is terrible so my android.webp.webp.webp
the webcam on my laptop is terrible so my android.webp.webp.webp

My laptop is many years old and its webcam was crap from day one, but today it is especially crap compared to the camera on any Android phone. So I have turned my mobile into my webcam.

It is not a Pixel, but a OnePlus 9R, so it has not been as easy as connecting it with a cable and activating the webcam mode in the connection type, but taking advantage the latest news from Windows 11 by which, through Link to Windows, any Android mobile can be a webcam. And it works very well.

What is lacking

If you also have a potato webcam on your PC (or you don’t), then you will be pleased to know that lThe requirements to use an Android mobile as a webcam They are not too many. You must meet only four requirements, which are quite acceptable:

  • A mobile with Android 9.0 or higher
  • Link to Windows version 1.24012 or higher
  • Update Mobile Link in Windows
  • Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22635.3212

The hardest thing was updating Windows


Use any Android phone as a webcam It is a novelty in tests of Windows 11, so it is not yet available for everyone. For now it is being distributed in all Insider channels (betas) and this was the most difficult part of the whole thing because it gave me an error every time it was downloaded and started the installation from Windows Update.

I ended up setting up a good one, downloading the offline update with a system that in the end did not work, but ended up reinstalling the same version I already had. At least it wasn’t in vain: upon this reinstallation the new one was already downloaded. version for Windows Insiders.


It is also important to update the Mobile Link application in Windows 11

It is important that we do not forget also update the Mobile Link applicationfrom the Microsoft Store, since we will need to have the latest version for it to work, even though the webcam functionality is not technically managed from here, as we will see later.

Setup is simple

With Windows ready, the next thing is to get the mobile ready. On my OnePlus mobile I get a Link to Windows pre-installed, although anyone can do it download from Google Play. In fact, it is recommended that sign up for the beta version on Google Play to have the latest version. Webcam functionality for Windows requires you to use Link to Windows version 1.24012 or higher.


Otherwise, there is not much you need to do on your mobile except sign in with the same Microsoft account What do you use in Windows? The process then continues in Windows.

When you open Mobile Link, it displays a QR code that you must scan with your mobile. Interestingly, Link to Windows doesn’t have a QR code scanner, but you can use any that opens them in the browser, like Google Lens. When you open the QR code on your mobile, the connection ends. Mobile Link with your mobile.

QR code

At this point Mobile Link in Windows 11 already shows messages, calls and allowed me to do things as cool as open android apps on windows, but without a trace of the webcam. It is normal, it is not configured here.

Instead, I had to go to Windows 11 settings, under Bluetooth & devices and check the box Allow this computer to access your mobile devices.


Doing so displays the devices linked to the PC and a switch to use your phone as a connected camera and get notifications for new photos. ob

This is all that is necessary for the mobile to become a webcam for Windows 11. From this moment, this virtual webcam is now available to use on the system.


My new webcam


Since my PC already had a webcam, I had to go to the video calling app’s settings to tell it to use the Virtual Windows Camerawhich is the one based on mobile.

When doing so, we must unlock the mobile phone and two buttons are shown on its screen to control our webcam: Switch between front and rear cameras or pause video.


And the truth is that the experiment works very well, with very little delay and good image quality, certainly superior to the potato quality webcam pre-installed on my laptop. In addition, the invention does not even need to connect the mobile phone with a cable to the PC, so it gives us greater flexibility on where to place the mobile phone during a video call.

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