The way you manage your files in Windows is going to change forever

the way you manage your files in windows is going.png
the way you manage your files in windows is going.png

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Microsoft continues to provide, through its updates, new features aimed at simplifying our experience as users. The last one has to do with the compression process of our files.

The operating systems They do not always receive updates that incorporate important improvements or functionalities for their community. In many cases, new versions serve to simplify certain workflows that we use in our daily lives and that allow us to improve the experience we obtain when we interact with them. And this is precisely the orientation that one of the latest changes that will arrive with the next Windows 11 update receives.

Once we download it, we will be able access a tool that allows us to change both the method and the available configurations that we have at our disposal at the time of carrying out the understanding of any file. A functionality that is very useful when we want to share a document or save it taking up as little space as possible, and that now offers us a greater number of possibilities.

image of a computer with windows

File Explorer Changes

According to information from the specialized media Windows Central, the Windows 11 Build 26040 It incorporates changes in the File Explorer, offering us a compression assistant that allows us, as we have previously mentioned, to adapt the file in question to our needs. With it, we will be able to choose the file format with which we are working, as well as the level of compression that we want to achieve in the following formats: .7zip, .Zip and .Tar.

In order to access this menu, we will have to place the mouse over the file in question, click on the right button and select the “Compress in” option. In addition to the formats that we have previously mentioned, at a lower level we will find the possibility of clicking on “Additional options”.

There we will be able to access different menus that were not available until now, such as choose the compression format, its method or the level at which we want to compress the file: from a faster process, whose compression will be less, to a higher level that allows us to reduce the weight of the file as much as possible.

More sharing options

In addition to what was previously mentioned, Microsoft would also be improving the process by which we can Share files through Windows. In the same version of Windows, we are also going to see changes in the interface of this option, offering us options to share links directly through applications such as WhatsApp, Gmail, X or LinkedIn, for example. A change that responds to the improvements that we have already seen from previously published versions in this same direction, such as 26020, and that is expected to continue improving in the future to be able to offer us a greater number of possibilities and an improved user experience when we have that working as a team and sharing documents and information becomes a regular part of our daily lives.

All these changes are visible only to users who are part of the testing program used by Microsoft to launch new features and check the response from your community. It is expected that they will be deployed en masse as it is verified that their operation and acceptance meet expectations.