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The wait is over: there will finally be a free web version of Photoshop

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One of the tools that does not exist in a web version that is free is photoshop. This is one of the most used options historically for, among other things, editing images in an advanced way and with a multitude of options. Well, it seems that this is going to change and we will tell you why. It is true that there has been a browser version of the tool we are talking about for a long time, but it was only available to those who had an Adobe Creative Cloud account. Therefore, it was not something that everyone could use. And, for this reason, some third-party options had been created to be able to edit images online with many functions… but never with the amount of possibilities that Photoshop has. Adobe wants to change the situation with Photoshop It is true that some company directors announced that they were working on an improved online option for their online image editor, but no additional details are known about it. And, one of the first that has been revealed is that we are talking about a cloud client that will be completely free, so it will be accessible to everyone. This, without a doubt, is great news for many, but especially for those who have a Chromecast who do not have a compatible application. Another thing that has been known is that the client will have limitations regarding the option that is installed on the computers, but this is logical due to the number of possibilities that are possible with Photoshop. What is certain is that working with layers will be completely possible and even several effects will be accessible. In addition, those who decide to use the payment reversal, which will be available, will be able to access everything that Adobe has in mind. What leads to the launch of this web version Well, it seems clear that the paid version, in addition to fighting other options that are currently widely used as online clients, such as Photopea, it seems quite clear that it seeks to attract users so that they end up seeing the benefits of development and end up registering for the paid version that Adobe already offers. In principle, everyone wins. It is important to mention that the tests have already started, to be clear that everything works as it should. The country chosen for this is Canada, but it is not clear when it will reach other regions, among which Spain will not be lacking. In addition, it remains to be seen if it is combined with a mobile client with which you can review and leave comments on the editions (but not manipulate them). >

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