The wait is over for this awesome game: Apex Legends Mobile now available for download

After years of anticipation, and several months after the first localized tests in the process of securing the servers, Apex Legends Mobile is officially available for download. Is a excellent first person shooter loaded with action, strategy, with a multitude of weapons and with a great tactical component. Of course, you need a powerful mobile to work with average quality.

Shooters are living a new youth on mobile phones thanks, above all, to the fact that from them it is possible set up multiplayer matches anywhere. What do you have in front of you half an hour before getting on the bus? Well, it gives you time for a couple of fast-paced Apex Legends Mobile games, one of the best Battle Royale for computers and desktop consoles has finally made the leap to the smartphones. And she does it with note, by the way.

Perfectly adapted to touch screens

apex legends

An FPS of the caliber of Apex Legends needs a mobile that is capable of offering great graphic performance, the gaming experience largely depends on it. Also the speed when executing it and the response when pressing the different buttons on the screen. And one last note: Apex Legends Mobile for Android demands more than 3 GB free on the device. The download from the Google Play Store already occupies 2.70 GB.

The technical requirements are high, also the experience it offers remains at that level: it is one of the best FPS you can play on mobile. Fast-paced, action-packed, with a notable load of strategy that forces you to plan combat and defense tactics, Apex Legends Mobile includes different multiplayer modes and a duration of each game adjusted to the needs of the player. smartphone. It is perfect to fill a few free minutes, also to chain several games.

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Iconic legends of Apex Legends transferred to mobile, exclusive characters of the version of smartphonesdifferent combat modes to enrich the games, multiplayer with the option to fight with friends (or against them) and all the excitement of a great FPS on the touch screen. The controls are well adapted to said screen; no matter how complicated it is to manage all the options by touch.

apex legends

After the wait, and the previous registration, EA has activated the download on Google Play of its long-awaited Apex Legends Mobile. If you were wanting to try it, it can be yours right now: run for it.

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile

  • Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Action