The voices of sport: All Movistar+ commentators

the voices of sport all movistar+ commentators
the voices of sport all movistar+ commentators

They are in charge of giving voice to sport in thousands of homes every weekend, the Movistar Plus+ sports commentators that we can hear in all the disciplines for which the operator has the rights. From football and basketball classics like Carlos Martínez or Antoni Daimiel to other sports experts who make it possible to follow and listen to any competition.

There are several well-known voices, since we will not only find the classics of football or basketball, but we will also enjoy other great announcers such as Antonio Lobato or Ernest Riveras . But, so that you can learn more about the voices and faces that you will hear or see during the sports broadcasts on Movistar Plus+, we leave you a complete list with all the names.

Sports in Movistar

In Movistar we can watch a large number of sports, although whether or not we have access to all the channels will depend on the package we have contracted. Among them, we can see football with national and international competitions such as LaLiga Santander and the Champions League. But we can also see basketball (national competitions or NBA), tennis with the most important competitions or motorsports thanks to the agreement with DAZN. Motor competitions such as MotoGP or Formula 1. Also other sports such as golf, athletics, paddle tennis, rugby or boxing tournaments.


There are several programs or, rather, sports that we can find within this Movistar+ channel. Specifically, among the Movistar channels are:

  • #Come on.
  • Movistar LaLiga (and other secondary channels to watch simultaneous matches).
  • Movistar LaLiga de Campeones (along with other secondary channels for simultaneous broadcasts).
  • Movistar Deportes (along with Sports 1, Sports 2 and Sports 3).
  • Movistar Golf and Movistar Golf 2
  • DAZN 1
  • DAZN 2.
  • DAZN F1.

And other channels such as Eurosport, TDP, Gol, Real Madrid TV and Barça TV.

Sports programs

Not only are there sports channels that we can see on Movistar Plus+ and where the different matches and competitions are broadcast, but there are specific programs where all aspects of each day, of the sport, of the athletes are discussed. Beyond the sports broadcasts themselves, the different channels offer us current affairs, analysis of matches (football or any other sport) or debate tables, interviews and reports .

What are some of Movistar’s most legendary sports programs? There are many that we can choose from and that you surely know. For example, on nights when there is a European football match we can watch UEFA Europa League Night or Champions Night. In addition, after each matchday, “El Día After” is broadcast with the intention of analyzing the football matchday and all the matches played, but there are also others related to the competition such as: “ The great game of #Vamos ” (with analysis of the match by Juanma Castaño) or “El Tercer Tiempo” with analysis, reports and summaries of international football during that day or that weekend.

But not only current affairs and news, there are more programs that analyze all kinds of aspects such as the classic Universo Valdano with classic interviews with Jorge Valdano or Bakalá, with Raúl Pérez, which allows us to see archive and current content. And other sports are the protagonists of Locos por el golf, Generación NBVA, Basket al día or #VamosSobreruedas.

Content on demand

Beyond sports programs with doses of current affairs or match analysis, Movistar Plus+ also has on-demand and on-demand content that we can watch from its different platforms. Whether you have the deco and the different channels or independent OTT users. Thematic sports content that serves as a complement and where we will also see all kinds of experts commenting on all sports and competitions…

Movistar Plus+ has a series of content, such as the legendary Robinson Report where we will also see all kinds of recognised voices in sport analyzing biographies, situations and stories. Beyond the mythical, also original and current of the current renowned Informe+ with in-depth reports on all types of topics or fascinating stories related to sports . But also other originals such as documentaries or sports documentaries such as the analyzes collected in “Football according to Raúl”, other legendary programs such as “Informe Valdano” or independent and original documentaries such as “From luka to Doncic” or “Brothers and enemies: Petrovic and Divac ”. All of them on-demand and timeless content related to sports.

Soccer sports commentators

Although they may vary depending on the season or the event they narrate and comment on, we have compiled in the following paragraphs which are the most common Movistar sports commentators , the sports voices that you hear every weekend while you enjoy your favorite sport. And there are several who continue behind the screen every year commenting on the same sport. Movistar allows you to have all the football in many of its Fusion packages, although it also allows us to choose packs or channels such as Movistar LaLiga where First Division and Second Division matches are broadcast or Movistar Champions League where the Europa League and Champions League competitions are included, but also other international tournaments or leagues.

Football games

We must keep in mind that until the 2021/2022 season, Movistar Plus+ was in charge of choosing the teams of narrators, commentators, journalists on the field and in the box. Since then, it is LaLiga that assumes the complete production of the five matches that correspond to Movistar. In fact, finally the channel has gone from being LaLiga on M+ to LaLiga TV on M+, since it is LaLiga that is in charge of its production.

Depending on the meeting there will be one or the other. But the main narrators of the matches are: Carlos Martínez, Jose Sanchis, Lluís Izquierdo, Héctor Antonio Ruíz, Jordi Pons and Alba Oliveros. They are joined as commentators by Iker Casillas , Axel Torres, Fernando Morientes, Gaizka Mendieta, Jofre Mateu and Esteban Suárez. The field reporters are: Ismael Medina, Antonio Callejón, Isabel Forner, Inma Rodríguez, Dani Méndez, Edu Aguirre, Albert Fernandez, Monica Benavent, Isaac Fouto and Darío Muela.

Among other legends of Spanish football, the former captain of Betis is also a commentator for LaLigaTV. Joaquín Sánchez already acts as a sports commentator for some matches, with the advantage that he knows many of the players who have been competing against him until not long ago. In this way, he joins other legendary players who comment on games from previous seasons, such as Fernando Morientes, Gaizka Mendieta, David Albelda and Iker Casillas.

The other portion of LaLiga 2023/2024 is broadcast by DAZN, whose DAZN LaLiga channels are also part of the Movistar Plus+ channel set. Among the DAZN LaLiga match narrators we can find Jon Hernández, Miguel Ángel Román, Alberto Montoya, Andrea Segura and Fran Guillén. In addition, they have narrators for other languages: Jokin Goikoetxea and Julen Axpe (Basque), Didac Roig (Valencian), Carles Fité and Albert Morén (Catalan). The commentators that we will find on DAZN are: Nacho González, David Fer, Juan Pablo Sorín, Alberto Edjogo, Gaizka Toquero, Andrea Orlandi, Juan Carlos Unzúe, Álex De Llano, Guti, Capi and Jonathan Soriano. The DAZN team is led by Sandra Arcas Díaz as presenter and collaborators such as Irene Molina, Fran Campos, Leyre Barriocanal, Álex De Llano, Pablo Pinto, Ainhoa ​​Pérez and Lara Santos.

Programs and reports

Beyond football matches, there are programs dedicated to sports on Movistar Plus+ that have other presenters. Juanma Castaño is in charge of guiding the program “El Partidazo de #Vamos con Juanma Castaño” each week, with a schedule every Sunday from 8:30 p.m., connecting with the preview of the game at 9:00 p.m., and continues until 00:30 hours with the best analysis of the day (Movistar LaLiga and #Vamos). The best Movistar Plus+ experts (Roberto Carlos, Àxel Torres, Álvaro Benito, Pichi Alonso, Gustavo López, Jorge Valdano, Marcos López, Guillermo Uzquiano…) accompany the co-winner of Master Chef Celebrity 2021.

For her part, Danae Boronat presents and directs the program La casa del futbol with the best of the league matchday every Saturday and Sunday. In Champions League matches, Susana Guasch is the presenter in charge of the analysis, interviews and debate space on the international football matchday.


In Movistar Plus+ we can see international and national basketball tournaments. The operator has the rights to the Endesa League, the Euroleague or the NBA in addition to the Copa del Rey basketball Cup broadcast on #Vamos. Matches will also be analyzed and watched on Sports on M+.


In this case, Movistar Plus + broadcasts NBA games practically daily . Every morning you can see the best stars in the league on the pay channel during the regular season and, in the case of the Playoffs, the same. You can view each of the confrontations that later make the league champion.    To do this, Antoni Daimiel narrates and comments with Guille Giménez on American basketball nights on Movistar Plus+, the network with exclusive rights. He has been part of the staff of this group since the nineties and also directs the weekly program Generación NBA where he reviews the competition with the best moments, the best dunks… In addition, they also present ‘The Wednesday Mass’ , where they also we meet Sara Giménez  and  Sitapha Savané , who also joined later in the program.

Guille Giménez narrates and comments on NBA games on Movistar Plus+ together with Antoni Daimiel. Like the previous one, she joined the channel in the nineties and began calling NBA games almost twenty years ago. She also presented the weekly NBA Generation space for years , although not currently. Ramón Fernández is another of the usual voices that accompany this duo of commentators.

Endesa League, Euroleague and ACB Cup

The same happens with the national basketball league, which Movistar Plus+ broadcasts exclusively again. The Endesa League is broadcast on channel #Vamos (dial 8), the platform’s sports channel, offering the best match of each day . Sports on Movistar Plus+ (dial 53) channels the rest of the matches. They also broadcast national competitions such as the Copa del Rey or the Super Cup that takes place at the beginning of each season. So you won’t be left without watching any game.

For the 2023 Endesa League final, Pau Gasol , one of the best Spanish players in history and Telefónica ambassador, debuted as a commentator on Movistar Plus+. He did it in the first and third games of the 2023 Endesa League final, but it is expected that in future important games he will appear again to comment from the point of view of his experience. It is not new for former players to act as commentators in sports they have played. This point of experience is what keeps the viewer connected to the game. Although there are specialized journalists, he will never be able to match the knowledge of a sports star.

Another sports

Beyond football, basketball or Formula 1, there are other sports that we see on the operator’s platform and many sports commentators who are in charge of helping us follow them, comment on them, narrate them, explain them. Some of them have been former competitors in the sports they narrate or comment on, so they add extra interest to all their notes.

Formula 1

Movistar Plus+ allows you to watch Formula 1 thanks to the agreement with DAZN that implies that we have the DAZN F1 channel on the streaming platform. To narrate and comment on the competition, a team that is well known to everyone since it is very similar to the one that did it previously in the most glorious era of Fernando Alonso.

Nira Juanco guides us through the Formula 1 races on Movistar and is the channel’s presenter as well as content editor. As we already know, Antonio Lobato is in charge of narrating the Formula 1 races, the voice of this sport in Spain for decades and who is accompanied by the driver Pedro Martínez de la Rosa. For the technical aspects of the cars, Toni Cuquerella is in charge of giving his opinion and explaining the sport. In addition, the team for each race is made up of other journalists and experts such as Albert Fábrega, Miguel Portillo, Cristóbal Rosalén, Jacobo Vega, Roldán Rodriguez or Marc Gené. Melissa Jiménez travels to all the races and will be the DAZN F1 reporter on the circuits and in the paddock, getting up close to the drivers and their teams before and after each race to understand the day-to-day realities of each Grand Prix through interviews and exclusive reports. She replaces Noemí de Miguel , now in charge of distributing games and presenting the DAZN F1 programs. Also part of this team, with Pedro de la Rosa as presenter accompanied by Cuquerella and Lobato, are in charge of directing the program “#Vamos sobre Ruedas” which gives us information about everything that happened on the track and the news.


The truth is that Movistar Plus + offers all types of sports, such as motorcycling. And in motor sports we can not only watch Formula 1, but also MotoGP, which can be seen both on the streaming platform and on DAZN. Specifically, you will be able to watch Moto3 ,  Moto2  and  MotoGP training, qualifying and races live on these channels.

With a team led by Ernest Riveras as the voice of motorcycling, narrating each race. Next to her, Izaskun Ruiz is the reporter in charge of the paddock and pit lane to show feelings and opinions from the track. They are accompanied by a team made up of experts and commentators among whom we hear and see Lucía Villalón, Álex Crivillé, Carlos Checa, Carles Pérez, Ricard Jové, Juan Martínez, Natacha Alfageme, Borja González, Santi S. Segura and many more. Since 2022, Jorge Lorenzo has also been the main voice in the large cast of DAZN announcers. The five-time motorcycle world champion in two different categories (250cc and MotoGP), comments on the MotoGP World Championship, as well as the Moto2 and Moto3 categories. A year later another Spanish legend arrived: Dani Pedrosa.



Although tennis on Movistar can be seen through Eurosport and its corresponding sports commentators, it also has its own commentators on #Vamos and Movistar Deportes with the tournaments that the operator has exclusively. Movistar Plus+ is the home of tennis, including the broadcast of all the major events in world tennis:  the four Grand Slams , all the  Masters 1000 , all the  ATP 500  and the main  ATP 250 . Among the voices that narrate Rafa Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz, Paula Badosa, Garbiñe Muguruza and the other Spanish tennis players, we find specialized commentators and narrators.

These usually form a regular team that is made up of Miguel Ángel Calleja, Jose Antonio Mielgo or Borja Zugardi along with commentators such as Roberto Carretero and Guille Alcaide . In addition, you should know that the tournaments can be seen on the Movistar Plus+ channels Deportes 2  (dial 55), Deportes 3 (dial 56) and Deportes 4 (dial 192) and some tournaments such as Roland Garros and US Open on Eurosport 1  (dial 61), Eurosport 2  (dial 62).


One of the latest commentators to join the Movistar Plus+ microphones has been Álex Corretja , a former Spanish tennis player who led the Davis Cup team during the first decade of the 2000s. He is also well-known for having been among the best tennis legends, even reaching number 2 in the world on the ATP (Association of Professional Tennis Players) lists. He has also been one of the players who can boast of having faced true stars of this sport, such as Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer, whom he has defeated in the only two matches he has played on clay.

Without a doubt, Corretja has been one of the greatest figures in the world of sport, just before Rafa Nadal appeared to be crowned one of the best athletes of all time. But the Catalan tennis player is by no means short. Among his awards we can find trophies from practically all competitions. During his long career as a professional athlete, he won World Tour Finals, 2 Masters Series and 14 ATP Tou titles. These relics represent quite a feat that captured the attention of numerous enthusiasts from the world of sports and many users followed in their wake from start to finish.

Corretja will begin to narrate the main tournaments that are broadcast on Movistar Plus+ during the 2024 season. Among them, the Mutua Madrid Open, Wimbledon and all the ATP Master Series that exist so far stand out. In the audio room he will be accompanied by other recognized voices, such as Feliciano López , who is the protagonist of a documentary series of the teleoperator’s television offering called Informe Plus+ along with other personalities, and also one of the most awarded journalists, Ainhoa ​​Arbizu , who hosts the new program from the blue operator’s house called Planeta Tenis, where the results of all the matches played and the best summaries of the competitions will be announced, as well as the broadcast of interviews and gatherings.


With the exponential growth of recent years, paddle tennis has now taken a decisive step in its evolution and has been added as a new sport on Movistar Plus+. In this way and after the  agreement reached with World Padel Tour ,  the platform is offering all the WPT tournaments in both the men’s and women’s categories. #Vamos and Deportes on M+ will capitalize on the broadcast of the professional circuit and will broadcast all the matches live  from the quarterfinals onwards . These channels broadcast the professional circuit and will broadcast live all the matches  from the quarterfinals onwards . But in addition, through different information spaces such as ‘Noticias #Vamos’ or ‘#Vamos en Juego’, the channel will give shine and coverage to the World Padel Tour, also with the  broadcast of reports and interviews linked to this sport .

#Vamos, the platform’s exclusive sports channel, will focus on this sport. Since 2023 the team has been made up of Darío Magro as narrator , Seba Nerone (former world number 1) on commentary and Nacho Palencia on the court.



Movistar has an exclusive golf channel with tournaments such as the Ryder Cup and the four majors: Augusta Masters, US Open, British Open and PGA Championship. The most common narrators of this sport are Carlos Palomo, Nacho Gervás and Javier Díez , so they will be in charge of the best dates of the season. Nacho Gervás also regularly writes in El País about the same sport that he broadcasts. So he will be familiar to many. Other narrators are Cristina del Corral, Andrés Domínguez and Javier Pinedo and José Manuel Lara and Álvaro Beamonte as analysts. Also about this sport we can see exclusive programs: Locos por el Golf, Sueños de Golf or Playoff. Crazy about Golf presented by Carlos Palomo and Lidia Blanco every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m., although Blanco is also in charge of reporting on all the news of each weekend with a summary in Playoff every Monday at 9:30 p.m.


fighting sports

As with other sports, Movistar+ also enjoys UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighting in its collaboration with Eurosport. The main comments on this contact sport are carried out by Gonzalo Rodríguez and Jorge Lera, experts in combat and boxing who provide a very appropriate dynamic so that spectators are guided hand in hand in each of the confrontations.

Along with the work of these two commentators there are also other guest voices and occasional appearances depending on the fights and events that are going to be broadcast. Some of these names are Laura Fernández, Inés Maesso, Emilio Marquiegui, Gonzalo Campos, César Alonso or Stella Ábalos, among others. The confrontations are complemented by the program El Club de la UFC, which is presented by Siro López.

sports Center

Rugby can be seen on Movistar with the Selección Deportes package and is usually narrated by Edu Tellez, who is in charge of making us follow the Champions Cup or the Super Rugby AU and Super Rugby Aotearoa tournaments. The last edition of the 6 Nations was carried out by Eduardo Téllez, Raúl Benito, Manolo Moriche, Isabel Rico and Juan Anaya, narrators and match analysts.

Also in American football, Movistar Plus+ has specialized sports commentators. The Movistar+ team of experts with Miguel Ángel Calleja, MAC, Moisés Molina and Andrea Zanoni will once again be responsible for transmitting the passion of a sport that attracts more and more fans. In addition, this year Rubén Ibeas joins the broadcasts as a commentator.

And in the field of sports, another of the operator’s essentials is Moisés Molina, a specialist in ice hockey but who we can hear in many broadcasts. In the athletics section, Movistar Plus+ broadcasts events such as the Diamond League and José Luis López is usually the official narrator of these disciplines along with Carlos Cordente, commentator and athletics expert.

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