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The Venom robot that has gone viral on the networks

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With magnetism it is possible to control the movements of small robots remotely, it is not the first time at least, but it is the first time that we see a soft robot capable of moving as if it were Venom.

It is about a strange mass that can be controlled remotely through a magnetic field.

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They comment on it in New Scientist, and the result is so impressive that the video has gone viral.

The idea is that the robot can get into tight places, even inside the human body, to collect objects that have been swallowed by mistake, or to extract particles from organs and get out harmlessly.

The robot was made by researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, who mixed strong neodymium magnets with borax, a common detergent. An encapsulated silicon compound ensures that the substance is not toxic to the human body, although many are unwilling to swallow such a thing or allow it to enter their body in any way.

Demonstrations have shown how he managed to recover a battery in a fake stomach, and it is possible to see how it can be manipulated in several different ways.

You can first stretch it out to a large extent so that it looks like a liquid. Then you can roll it up like an octopus arm to carry something.

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Zhang hopes that, in the future, the slime will be able to function autonomously, an even wilder twist on the already pretty crazy idea.

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