The unusual novelty of Gmail: you can react with emojis to the emails you receive

Users in Spain could soon have the ability to react to emails with emojis as a quick reply.

Many people choose to use Gmail instead of third-party email managers due to the variety of functions it integrates, such as automatic translation or the long-awaited Google Bard integration for composing emails. One of the new things that has been discovered recently is that It will be possible to react to emails with emojis.

These types of reactions are something that is already integrated into instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, as well as social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. Without a doubt, it is striking that Google is also going to integrate it into emails, although there are other email managers that also do it.

This development has not yet been officially announced, but has been discovered in the app, so there may still be a while until it reaches the stable version. That is in case it arrives, something that is not assured.

Some of the messages that are sent and received throughout the day, both through chat apps and by email or SMS, do not require an elaborate response. There are times when with an emoji, such as a thumbs up —or the opposite—, is enough.

This logic may have led Google to integrate reactions with emoticons in Gmail. These could become a quick, short response to confirm to the other person that you have read their e-mail, but without going further, and surely many people would use them if they ended up arriving. It is not clear which ones would arrive first, since it is usually a selection of them, not the entire catalog. They are expected to use Google’s design.

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The design of the emojis will be that of Google

The leaker AssembleDebug has shared part of the application code in which you can see that the company has even prepared a user guide to clarify for users how to use it. For example, These reactions cannot be used in encrypted emails or in those that have been sent to a large group of people.

Likewise, it will not be possible to react with an emoji more than a certain number of times or add more than 20 reactions to the same email chain. We will have to wait for Google to decide to bring this functionality to the stable version to check its operation and usefulness.