The United States will invest 900 million dollars to boost the charging of electric vehicles

cargadores electricos.jpg
cargadores electricos.jpg

Electric cars need more chargers, and higher charging speeds, so that they can be distributed smoothly around the world. It makes no sense to be looking for a charger on a route out of our way, nor to have to wait more than an hour to continue.

Since the charging time depends on the batteries, we can only hope that they improve over time, but the first point can be done now, put more chargers, distribute them on roads and gas stations around the planet.

Now President Joe Biden has announced that they will dedicate $900 million in federal funds to increase the number of electric vehicle chargers across the country. It’s just the first part of a bipartisan infrastructure upgrade that was signed last year.

Electric cars are selling well in that country. 208,411 units in the first quarter of 2022, cars waiting for the necessary charging infrastructure to be able to circulate on a huge terrain.

So far it has been approved for the first 35 states, who will have to build their own electric charging infrastructure in order to make the American road trip electrified.

They want to have a total of 500,000 chargers by 2030, installed by a union of more than 775,000 electrical workers. At the moment there are only 46,570 chargers open to the public, so it is clear that there is a lot of work to be done (there is less than 10% of the proposed goal).

By the same date, 2030, they want 50% of new car sales to be electric vehicles, a challenge that can only be achieved if there are enough distributed chargers.

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