The United States takes another step in its war against China: getting closer to banning TikTok throughout the country

the united states takes another step in its war against.webp.webp.webp
the united states takes another step in its war against.webp.webp.webp

The war against TikTok is intensifying again in the United States due to the management of data by ByteDance, a Chinese company: the House of Representatives has approved a bill that seeks ban the use of TikTok nationwide. With the approval of Joe Biden, The proposal will be debated in the United States Senate with a horizon for the blockade of about six months after the ban.

TikTok and the United States Government had a notorious conflict a few years ago, with Trump trying to block the app throughout the country and serious rumors surrounding the purchase by an American company. Although ByteDance has never been seen well by the country’s politics, it seemed that the application was going to continue being downloaded and used without problems on the millions of mobile phones in the North American country. Mistake.

If China bans apps from the United States, Americans want to do the same

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The Chinese government bans most applications and social networks created by American companies throughout its territory: from Google services to Facebook. Thanks to this prohibition, China ended up replicating all Western services and tools adapting them to your needs. Weibo through Twitter, Baidu through Google and so on. And Chinese companies even ended up buying popular apps in the West, as is the case with ByteDance acquiring to create the ubiquitous TikTok.

Given that TikTok is one of the most important and used social networks in the world, and because its way of working raises numerous questions about the processing of personal data, a good part of Western governments have been considering blocking the application for some time. in their territories. Of those countries, the United States is the one that has made the most progress in the ban, even with an attempt to separate the company in the form of exclusive division for the country and managed by an American company. Just what they try again.

After a proposal called the “Protecting Americans from Applications Controlled by Foreign Adversaries Act” in which only TikTok was listed, and which It was approved by 352 votes in favor of the 435 representatives in the lower house., ByteDance faces a complete block in the United States if the Senate finally ratifies the law. There are chances; despite the fact that part of the congressmen have expressed doubts about the project.

If the law is approved in the Senate, TikTok would have six months to find an American buyer in order to manage the social network in the country. If this were not the case, United States citizens would see the social network banned and it would disappear from the application stores.

ByteDance, owner of TikTok, commented the following after the approval of the bill:

“We hope the Senate considers the facts, listens to its constituents and realizes the impact on the economy, on 7 million small businesses and on the 170 million Americans who use our service.”

Currently, TikTok works differently both within China and in other countries: in principle, both divisions do not share user data or statistics; even though TikTok has been caught stealing Western data. In addition, the possible blocking of the social network adds fuel to the trade war between the United States and China.

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