The Twitter thread that helps you make the Income and that everyone should read

the twitter thread that helps you make the income and
the twitter thread that helps you make the income and

yarn rent 2022

Doing the income statement is always a headache. While some want to be the first to do it, others are more behind and wait for inspiration to prompt them to do so. Maybe this Twitter thread is all you need to be prepared. Can you already know if I’m going to pay?

The user Tacipuerca is one of the most famous for explaining in detail how to file the income statement year after year. Although this time she redirects us to thread from last yearthere are some details that you must take into account so as not to screw up.

You can now check your data

Currently, anyone can access your data prosecutors. This means that we can now see all the information that the Treasury has received from third parties, such as information about mortgages, jobs and other details. It also can request certificates and check if the data coincides with what appears in the tax data or in the declaration.

It is important to remember that although the tax data is provided by third parties, the final responsibility lies with the taxpayer. If there are errors in the tax data, we will have to correct them in the income statement. Downloaded tax data can be used to enter into the simulator and calculate what we have to pay or receive.

However, it is important to note that until the official campaign for the income statement begins, the statement cannot be filed. It is possible that if we try to move a few steps forward, we may miss some requirements and cause confusion or complications in the process. Therefore, it is better to follow the indications and wait for the official campaign starts on April 11. We will have the Easter break so as not to spend those days with headaches.

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Tacirupeca ۞


I’ll tell you a little about how the #Renta2022 thing is going
In essence you can use this thread in its entirety but there are some things about the deadlines that are somewhat different this year.

March 21, 2023 • 17:36



First online, then by phone

This year, the income statement campaign will have a different start than in previous years. In this case, it will start exclusively online (April 11) and there will be no service telephone until a later date (May 3). If for some reason you need to carry out the procedure face-to-faceyou can request an appointment in advance from May 25, the date from which customer service will begin at the Treasury offices.

Regarding the method of payment, if your statement turns out to enter, that is, you will have to pay an amount, you can do it until June 27 through the online platform or until June 30 in the banking entities in person. It is important to note that campaign ends June 30so this will be the last day to file the declaration without incurring possible penalties or late fees.


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