The tricks you don’t know about Google Photos to get the most out of albums

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Google Photos is one of the most popular photo management tools in Spain and albums are the perfect option to organize them.

At the end of the last century there was an explosion in the use of photography in Spain thanks to the expansion of compact cameras, which in the last two decades were tremendously popular at birthday parties, celebrations such as weddings or communions or vacations. This meant that the generation born in the 80s and 90s had many more photographs than those born before.

At the beginning of this century, mobile phones began to include cameras, first as accessories and later in an integrated way. But it was not until arrival of smartphones and social networks that the number of photographs has increased exponentiallyand with it the need to store them.

When photos were physical, albums were the most common option to store them, laminated books of large size and weight. Some people even used boxes since it was cheaper and also did not involve damage to the images. But currently the vast majority of photographs are digital, and Albums are concepts within services like Google Photos.

This Google application has become the default option for many users to view their photos, but also to store them, thanks to the 15 GB of cloud space that Google offers for free. That may not be enough and you have to opt for paid options, but it is still worth it.

But storage is one thing and organization is another. Google Photos does not allow you to use folders to organize photos, as was done in systems like MacOS or Windows. However, that does not mean that you cannot have an organization system that allows you to filter by time, people, dates, etc.

Google Photos albums allow you to create small virtual folders where to save images by events, dates or in any way you prefer. And each image can be in several albums at the same time, so there will always be the right photos in each of them, without having to copy the photos and waste space on your Google account.

Creating an album in Google Photos is very simple. You simply have to go to the section Library, in the lower menu and look for the option called New album. Once selected, you have to put a title and select the images that will go in it, or a person or pet so that the album updates itself. This is a very good way to have all of someone’s images automatically since every time a new photo is uploaded it will be integrated into the album.

Creating albums in Google Photos

It is important to note that albums are not like folders in other operating systems. If you put an image inside but then want to delete it, what will be deleted will be the inclusion in the album, but the image will remain in the Google account. We have to delete it from there so that it does not appear on our profile.

In addition to creation, Google Photos allows you to customize albums choosing, for example, the cover image, so that it is easy to locate them without having to read the name. It is even possible to see the featured images of each album, from the web version of the service, or by clicking on the Play icon within the album in the Android application.

Share Menu on Google Photos

If you have created a album with photos that you want to share It is possible to do so by sending a link that is created for this purpose. This is done within the album, clicking on the three dots icon in the upper right corner, and selecting Options, Share with Link. That link will show the updated album.

If what you want is create a shared album you just have to invite someone so you can upload images to the one that has been created. This is done, within the album, by clicking on the Share option, and selecting the Invite people option. You will have to use your Gmail account, or the one you use in Google Photos.

Album editing

At the top of this new window there is a magnifying glass, with which you can search for the name of the specific person. If it does not appear it is because we do not have your Google Photos account, whether from Gmail or another domain. You will have to request it to be able to add it, and obviously that person will also have to use this application. From that moment, the person will be able to upload images to this album.

Here is something key. Photos uploaded by other users They will be available to view, but will not be stored in your Google account. If you want to do that you have to enter the album and select the images that have been uploaded and then enter the image you want to store and click on the button called Keep, at the top right.

Albums created by ourselves appear in the Library section, but those created by others and in which we are invited to participate are not there. To see them you have to go to the Shared section, and navigate through the images that have been sent to us.

This is one of those little known features. Albums can have both photos and videos inside, but also There are ways to give them some structure.. When you create an album you can put elements that organize the interior of that album:

Besides, These elements can be organized, creating areas with photos, others with texts, others with places, maps in the middle of them, etc. The organization is now at the discretion of each person.

Although the very essence of Google Photos is to store our digital memories, it is true that it still there are many people who want to have paper albums, so Google created an option to order them directly from the application. That way you could order an album with the photos you want, and it would arrive home.

Printing in Google Photos

In addition to power print the photos independently, it is possible to order them printed on a canvas, or order a bound album. Prices vary, but are usually affordable. The albums cost about 15 euros in soft cover and about 25 in hard cover. Printed photo copies cost about 15 euro cents each, although it depends on the quantity. Finally, the canvases depend on the size, and can cost from 22 to 113 euros.

One of the advantages that Google applications have is that they allow send their content to Chromecast or speakers with screen. This is no exception in Google Photos, and you can send images from an album to a compatible screen, be it the TV or a speaker, and see a slideshow there.

Google Photos album on mobile and Google Nest

Furthermore, if you prefer You can select any of the albums created so that they appear automatically on these screenslike a kind of virtual photo frame, from the screen interface itself, without having to do anything on the mobile.

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