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The tricks that do work to end slow WiFi on your mobile

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When it comes to connecting from home, especially if we don’t have the carelessness that unlimited gigabytes of mobile data rate entail, the most natural thing to do is to connect our mobile to the WiFi network. However, with this we may also end up experiencing a rather slow speed compared to 4G or 5G on the phone.

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Next, we are going to summarize what are the 4 main steps that you can carry out to improve the speed of your mobile wireless connection.

Update the firmware to the latest version

Having a mobile with updated firmware not only helps us to apply the latest security patches and the possibility of having something new at the software level, but these updates also introduce network connection improvements.

Mobile WiFi Sharing

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Whether you have an Android or an iOS, have the mobile in the latest version so that the device can manage wireless connectivity in the best possible way and incidentally avoid some failures caused by vulnerabilities exploited by hackers.

Use a WiFi repeater

The Wi-Fi repeaters They do exactly what their name describes. They connect to the main access point, which is the router, wirelessly, and configure themselves as a new access point. That is, they take the WiFi from the router and create a new WiFi.

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WIFI repeater

Therefore, it is critical that the signal they take from the router is optimal; and again, from it a new coverage area will be generated with very similar limitations and particularities. What a WiFi booster or repeater does is “take” the wireless connection and stretch it so that it reaches the specific room where it does not usually reach you. In this way, by receiving a better signal on your mobile, it could solve these slow problems.

change band 2.4GHz or 5GHz

If we choose the 5GHz band the signal will be weaker and will reach fewer places, but it may be the case that it is the best choice, since it is the signal with the best speed of the two, since it is less sensitive to interference. We must vary between both bands, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, to be able to know which is the best for us, even varying in different devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of each WiFi band

In other words, our mobile may work better in the room where we sleep at 5 GHz, but in our roommate’s room his must be in the 2.4GHz band because in that case it is the one that works best.

Another advantage of the 5 GHZ band is that it has 25 non-overlapping channels by 14 of the 2.4 GHz band and that can make a difference. But the big problem with the 5 GHz band, as we indicated before, is the distance at which it is capable of operating, that is, its range is less. This band is not advisable if you live in a duplex and you want to have a good signal upstairs, because the normal thing is that 2.4G does reach you, but you can’t get 5G to be operational, at least not to work with ease. Another thing is that you place one or two signal repeaters, in which case you should configure them with 5 GHz.

Connect your mobile by cable

As also happens in our computer, the reality is that using an Ethernet network cable is much faster than using a WiFi connection. So clear and direct. And it is that, as we see, the WiFi makes us lose 65% of the average connection speed. The average of 100 Mbps connections stays at about 36 real Mbps, in the case of 200 Mbps, the averages are usually around 100 Mbps.

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If you can, connect an Ethernet cable to your mobile and that will make the speed higher and avoid annoying cuts that usually appear. For this you would have to use a USB-C to Ethernet adapter, since it does not have a specific port to connect an Ethernet.

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