The tricks of the Tesla application to drive your electric car better than ever

the tricks of the tesla application to drive your electric.jpg
the tricks of the tesla application to drive your electric.jpg

The Tesla mobile application hides some tricks and functions that are not well known. These are the best.

Electric cars are being the gateway to connected vehicles, which are characterized by always being online. That is why mobile applications for cars are increasingly important and Tesla is a good example of how to make an application for smartphones.

This app is available for iPhone and Android phones, although the interface is the same. Not the functionalities since The iPhone application allows you to use Siri shortcuts while the Android application does not yet connect with Alexa or the Google Assistant.

But the use of the application is the same in both systems, and in addition to the logical functions, such as controlling the charging of the mobile, There are things that not all users know. Some are inside other applications and others require a little skill.

The first trick involves using another application, specifically a navigation one. If Google Maps opens and we search for a location, we can navigate to it, but we can also We can share said place with the applications on the mobile. One of them is Tesla, and if done, the route to navigate will appear on the car screen. Tesla uses the Google Maps API and the integration is fast and very reliable.

The second trick is in the application itself. Under the car image there are four shortcuts that can be modified. Well then, If we want we can put a fifth by dragging an icon to the right edge of the screen. It is difficult to do it and if we are not patient what happens is that the fourth button is replaced, but it is viable to put a fifth button.

Fifth button / Google Maps / Air conditioning

Finally, In the air conditioning section, there are options that are not visible to the naked eye.. You have to swipe up on the screen for them to appear. If this is done we will have access to Camping Mode, defense against biological weapons, Dog Mode or Overheat Protection.

Tesla is one of the car brands that takes software most seriously, which is why their systems are always being updated. There is still room for improvement in their mobile apps, but it must be recognized that they are the best on the market.

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