The trick you can’t imagine to cool your phone when you drive

Traveling by car using your cell phone as GPS is the most normal thing in the world. But as normal as doing so is that the device ends up getting hotter than necessary. AND what can you do at that moment? The truth is that there are many options, but the one we are going to tell you about in this case may have never crossed your mind.

When you are driving and you have your cell phone next to you as a guide, it is normal for the temperature reached by the device to be high. The sunlight hitting directly on the terminal, having several applications open at the same time or using GPS with Google Maps or one of its alternatives, are processes that increase heat. The next time it happens to you, we recommend trying a different idea.

A desperate plan

We read this information on an American website where the author of the article does not hesitate to share some tips to prevent the temperature of your mobile from increasing too much. These are typical pieces of advice that are not of much interest either, but the point is that they also shares his “desperate plan” which he arrived at in a moment of panic while driving on American roads.

He says that he found himself in a critical situation because his cell phone kept turning off due to the high temperature it was reaching. I had tried everything and decided to make a stop at the nearest gas station to improvise a desperate measure. In the end, as we are going to tell you, it turned out well, which is still curious.

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What is it that he did?

First of all, he bought a plastic cup made of polystyrene. He especially emphasizes that it had to be the largest possible, so, if you are replicating this method, we also recommend you go for the one with the largest capacity. If you don’t know what polystyrene is, it is plastic. You can check on Google with a search to see the type, but as you can see, it is not at all difficult to find at a gas station.

You may not even have to pay for the glass. Then the next thing he did was go to the refillable soda machine and use the soda dispenser. ice to fill the glass. Since you are unlikely to find this at a Spanish gas station, we recommend that you buy one of the ice packs that you will find easily. After that, don’t forget to buy some licorice, because it’s one of those things that isn’t sold in other countries. Take advantage, and ask for a bag. Then go back to the car.

Next, what the journalist did was put the glass with the ice in the cup holder of his vehicle. After that, he put the plastic bag on top of the ice acting as humidity blocker. And, immediately afterwards, she put the cell phone on top of her and took it to heaven to bury it in the cold. He exactly mentions that he left half of the phone inserted in the ice and the rest outside. Thanks to the plastic bag, a good protection effect is produced, especially knowing that you will not have the device inside for hours.

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What he says he did was, from time to time, change the position of the cell phone. He would put the bottom part inside the ice or the top part, depending on the moment. For this he had to disconnect the charging cableof course, but maintaining this routine ensures that he was able to complete the entire trip without it shutting down again.

As he says, this same idea can be replicated a little more efficiently, although you maintain the philosophy of the rustic trick. For example, put ice covered with a small towel so that it absorbs water condensation and then place the phone on top. It will be just as practical and you will be able to keep your phone cool without having to complicate things so much. Of course, remember that extreme cold is not good for your device either, so don’t get excited and end up freezing it. But as a crazy plan in a situation where you have no other option… it can be interesting! Of course, remember to be careful.