The trick to know the resolution of Netflix on your television with Android TV or Google TV

The trick to know the resolution of Netflix on your television with Android TV or Google TV
the trick to know the resolution of netflix on your

Although Netflix It is not going through its best moment after the bleeding of clients suffered by its policy change and which includes the prohibition of sharing an account without paying an extra, it continues to be one of the great references in the streaming sector.

In addition, the on-demand content platform knows that it has gone too far and, for example, recently announced that its ad-supported plan will offer Full HD resolution. But, it is clear that having lost 2.5 million customers has done a lot of damage to the American company.

So what It is the platform that has the most 4K content in its catalog, much superior in this aspect to that of other rivals such as HBO Max. And let’s not talk about other platforms like SkyShowtime that offer content in Full HD.

Does Netflix look bad? So you can confirm the resolution

as we told you, If Netflix is ​​not missing something, it is content in UHD resolution so that you can get the most out of all the benefits of your 4K television. The problem is that, surely you have experienced the situation in which everything indicates that you are not watching that movie in 4K in the expected resolution.

If you’re watching Netflix from a computer, you’ll know that the limitation beyond Microsoft Edge is Full HD, but how do I know what resolution Netflix is ​​playing in on my smart TV? Well, you know that if you have Android TV or Google TV, it’s very easy.


To do this, all you need is a Bluetooth keyboard that you can link to your TV. To do this, connect the keyboard adapter to your TV, or pair them as you would any Bluetooth device.

You just have to go to Settings, select Devices, Add new Bluetooth device and wait for them to synchronize. Once you have the keyboard, You will only need to press the F4 key while you are playing something on Netflix.

Mainly because you probably don’t know that Android TV and Google TV boast a native function in which they indicate the resolution of an app in real time. This way, if you’re watching Netflix in 4K, with just pressing F4 on your keyboard will have the answer.

As you will have been able to verify, the process is extremely simple and it will not take you more than a few minutes to do it. So, if you have a Bluetooth keyboard handy, know that you just have to link it to your TV and press F4 to find out what resolution any Netflix movie or series is playing at.


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