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The trick to hire the Internet and make it much better: direct coverage

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When contracting fiber, you may only look at speed and price and what the operator offers, but is it better to contract Direct or indirect fiber? There are some aspects that we must take into account that will make us decide what is better.

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We must bear in mind that not all the fiber we hire is the same. Although we will not go into technical details, there are operators that have their own internet access network and other operators that use third-party networks to offer you a connection. Indirect access fiber or NEBA fiber allows operators to offer Internet connection where they do not have their own coverage or that offer Internet access even if they do not have their own network but they subcontract it or agree with others. Not having your own coverage does not offer worse quality, but you may wonder if it is better to choose direct or indirect fiber with an operator and we will explain some of the differences or the reasons why you should decide.


Coverage and rates

Although an operator offers Internet directly and indirectly, hiring indirect fiber will give us fewer options to choose from. In other words, if Orange has direct coverage at your home, it will not offer you the same options or rates as if it has indirect coverage using the Movistar network. You will have more contracting options if you choose to have direct fiber or indirect fiber.

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Whether or not we can have access to better offers will depend on the network access agreements of each operator in each area. Even if you have coverage with an operator X in your area, maybe you can not contract the best price that offer And that your friend or your brother who lives elsewhere can hire you because that operator must pay to use another network and the rates will rise in price if they are indirect so that they do not lead to losses. If the network is yours, you will be able to lower prices and offer much more competitive rates without depending on the payment to third parties that will undoubtedly have an impact on the payment that you make and contract.

Advantages of not having ONT

Although there are companies that already install a single device with integrated ONT when you contract indirect fiber, the vast majority of them continue to install two devices. when you contract NEBA fiber and not direct fiber: the router and the ONT. Generally, although there are always exceptions, we will have an independent ONT when we contract this type of fiber. This will generally imply three drawbacks: more equipment in your installation, more money and more consumption.

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Normally you will not see in your contract that the installation or use of an ONT entails an extra cost, but it is one more piece of equipment that the operator gives you and generally this has an additional cost every month. A small cost that can be around two or three euros and that the operator does not tell you unless they offer you a migration. In this case, your company will usually tell you that you will save the price of this rental once the CTO leaves your home.


Having an independent CTO also entails two other drawbacks: we have one more device and it is always annoying or uncomfortable when it comes to hiding them where we have the installation, be it in the living room or in the entrance of your house. More cables, more space… In addition, the installation of another device is still an extra consumption for having one more piece of equipment in your house. And another advantage of having one less device in your installation is that it is less of a risk when there is a problem. In other words, the ONT may be damaged and you may lose Internet access due to a possible failure in it.

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