The trendy AI that tells you if what you eat is healthy or not

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the trendy ai that tells you if what you eat.jpg

Healthy food

We all know the realfood phenomenon or have heard about it, usually involved in controversy for being excessively radical in many of its ideas. But, without a doubt, popular. Now with artificial intelligence Carmen AI has arrived. Carmen AI is an AI that allows us to know if what we eat is healthy or not using an application that will tell you if what you buy or what you are going to eat is worth it or is not considered healthy. Or maybe there is a better option.

The first thing we have to keep in mind with this type of applications or artificial intelligence is that they are not infallible so they can be an interesting guide if you are completely lost when it comes to knowing which food can be more or less healthy but always taking into account There may be many important factors that may not be taken into account when scoring.

How does it work?

Carmen AI has just arrived and is powered by artificial intelligence analysis. She promises to be, according to her website, a genie for food. Reading labels is not always easy and many people may be lost between carbohydrates, fats or ingredients and what this AI seeks is to break down the nutritional information so that we can all understand it in a very simple way.

He does it through a scoring system from 0 to 10 which allows us to evaluate whether a product is a good option or not. Plus, it promises that it has “no-nonsense honest and direct opinions” and the AI ​​will tell you if it’s good or not or if It seems to be healthy but it is not everything. It seeks to be a help for anyone and that easy labels can be read without complications, but it also has other extras. Beyond reading labels, there are personalized nutritional plans, an integrated smart chat that allows questions to be consulted in real time, or a healthy recipe book.

Carmen AI Food Scanner
Carmen AI: Food scanner

CarmenAI Food Scanner
CarmenAI: Food Scanner
Developer: Here’s the duck

How to use

The app has just arrived on Android and iOS and is available for download in app stores. We can access the link from its official website and download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once we download it, it will explain how the “magic food scanner” and how we can scan barcodes with artificial intelligence to have information about everything we have in the pantry, in the refrigerator or are going to buy.

When we have read the introduction, we see a main screen that allows us to scan products. We simply have to give access permission to the camera and scan the barcode that we have on hand. Once you do it, you will have the results. It will give you product information, a rating from 0 to 10, and the AI’s opinion on whether or not it is a good option or if there is a better alternative. It will also quickly interpret and break down the information: how many proteins, how many carbohydrates, how many fats…

CarmenIA Application

In case of doubt about the product, it works like an AI like ChatGPT and we can ask him whatever we want. Whether or not it is healthy or if there is any recommended alternative option. But artificial intelligence also offers us the possibility of searching for a personalized recipe with that food, for example, or finding some alternatives (some healthier and others less so).

It is a fashionable AI and in a short time it already has thousands of downloads for all those who want to carry out a healthier diet and do not know where to start or how to do it.

Other alternatives

Although this AI is more complete and has just arrived, taking advantage of the benefits provided by machine learning and the rise of this type of services, it is not the only app that analyzes or scans barcodes to know if what you eat or are going to eat It is healthy or not. If you don’t like CarmenAI, there are other alternatives you can use that have been available for years and are backed by some of the best nutritionists and food experts in this country.

Yuka mobile app

A recommended option is Yuka, an application that allows you to scan the barcode of any food you have and will give you information about it. It will give a rating out of 100 but it will also show you the positive and negative aspects of the product: if it is too salty or too caloric, if it is low in sugar, if it has good quality proteins, etc.

Yuka - Product Analysis
Yuka – Product Analysis

Yuka - Product Analysis
Yuka – Product Analysis
Developer: Yuca

Also, following the same style, you can use GoCoCo. One of the best tag readers that we can find, although less popular than the previous ones. The great advantage of this app is that it assures you that it is not going to tell you whether the product is healthy or not but simply provides simplified and scientifically reliable information about the nutritional value of what you scan. It is endorsed by the majority of experts and has advice from some of the most relevant nutritionists so that the results are reliable and can help you in your daily life.

GoCoCo - Eat Healthy
GoCoCo – Eat Healthy

GoCoCo - Eat healthy
GoCoCo – Eat healthy
Developer: Positive Coco SL

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