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The trend of folding phones comes to Gmail with a redesign of its interface

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When something stabilizes in the market and manages to gain strength, companies adjust their products so that there is the best possible use. And this is just what is happening with folding screen phones, which are already a reality. Therefore, the applications are adapted to offer the best user experience. And now it’s gmail’s turn. To date, Google had not developed a specific app so that Fold-type models, for example, will get the most out of including two screens in one. But this is going to change, since the Mountain View firm has announced that it will soon release an update for the Android application that allows just this. In this way, he makes it clear that he is very aware that the smartphones we are talking about -and that companies like Samsung or OPPO put on the market- are very much in mind. The changes that will come to Gmail To respond to the increase in sales of folding screen phones, what Google will do is modify the user interface to fit the screens that exist on these devices. In this way, and as can be seen in the image after this paragraph, the application is divided into two parts. The one on the left shows the email list that is in the mailbox, while the one on the right allows you to view the content of a message, whether it is text or an image. Much more useful, there is no debt. Without a doubt, the improvement is evident, since everything is quite intuitive and is much more accessible in this way (it is quite reminiscent of the version of Gmail for tablets, it must be said). And, in addition, the development itself will automatically detect if you have a device that includes a folding screen like the Fold. Therefore, efficiency is gained without the user having to do anything to achieve it. A piece of news that generates more rumors The arrival of this update to Gmail, and possibly to other Google applications, only gives more strength to the information that indicates that this year will be when Google will launch its own folding phone, the long-awaited Pixel Fold. Obviously, it is not something unreasonable that if they do this in Mountain View it could be so that when their terminal is launched it has its own perfectly adjusted applications. And, therefore, what has been communicated from Mountain View is simply a first step for this long-awaited launch. >

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