The tiktokers with the most followers [2023]

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The list of tiktokers with more followers of 2023 is made up of content creators who have millions of followers.

Some tiktokers have taken their fame to YouTube, where they also have millions of followers.

Some are real celebrities who have managed to transfer their fame on YouTube to go viral on TikTok and vice versa; while others have become popular users emerged on the platform of Chinese origin. Some are not surprising, but the meteoric growth of several members of the following list on the popular social network will leave you stunned.

Tiktokers with more followers

– Mr Beast: is the account of the famous youtuber Jimmy Donaldson, who has more than 130 million subscribers on the video platform owned by Google. MrBeast currently has 82.6 million followers on TikTok. In his profile you can find videos in which he completes different challenges with his friends. Very similar to the content of his YouTube channel.


–Addison Rae: She is one of the tiktokers who has managed to increase her fame steadily in recent years. Addison Rae is famous for her choreography and, among other reasons, for having appeared in a chapter of the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Her TikTok account has 88.7 million followers, an impressive number that continues to skyrocket.

Addison Rae

–Bella Poarch: She is one of the tiktokers of this count that surprises the most for her fleeting rise to fame. The American star has 92.6 million followers on TikTok and is famous for having starred in videos of her own authorship such as Build a Bitch or Inferno. She also has a contract with the famous accessory brand HyperX.

Bella Poarch

–Charli D’Amelio: At just 18 years old, D’Amelio is the true queen of TikTok. Her account has 150.6 million followers. One of her great achievements on the platform was becoming the first content creator to exceed 10 billion likes. For a long time she was the tiktoker with the most followers, but recently she was displaced by the next celebrity on the list.

charli d'amelio

–Khaby Lame: the only non-American tiktoker in this top 5 and officially the holder of the account with the most followers. The Italian has 159.4 million followers and is famous for his particular explanations of how to carry out common tasks. His influence has grown at lightning speed and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down, at least anytime soon.

Celebrity accounts on TikTok

–Burak Ozdemir: a Turkish chef who has become famous for presenting his blueprints and some simple directions for preparing unique dishes. His community is 79 million followers.

Chef on TikTok

–Zach King: one of the most interesting tiktokers of the moment because he is a person who lives from the world of cinema and has content that plays with the perception of the audience to do things that look like magic tricks. King has 73 million followers.

Magicians on TikTok

–Kimberly Loaiza: With 72 million people on her account, we are looking at a Spanish-speaking influencer who focuses her videos on dances, choreographies, songs and small samples of the life she leads with her partner, Juan de Dios Pantoja.

Women on TikTok

– Will Smith: The American actor has captured the interest of more than 72.9 million individuals around the world. His account is packed with daily videos of him, behind the scenes of movies, personal opinions on various topics, and more.

Hollywood actors on TikTok

–TheRock: This is the profile of the actor Dwayne Johnson, who was a WWE wrestling star and is now a Hollywood figure. He has 66 million followers and his account revolves around life advice, tips on his diet and physical exercises and more.

Recognized actors on TikTok

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