The three Apple apps coming to Windows to the detriment of iTunes


With the arrival now of the new preview of Windows 11 for users of the Insiders program, it has been revealed what the future of iTunes will be on Windows computers. The truth is that it will not disappear completely, as it did in 2019 with the arrival of macOS Catalina on Apple computers.

Windows users will have three new applications: Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Device. These applications are also in the preview phase but are already available for download through the Microsoft Store, as long as you have a computer running Windows 11 with the 2022 update.

The apps that will replace iTunes on Windows systems

The first two will get the music and video features available in iTunes, while Apple Devices will take care of everything device-related you own, including backups, updates, file syncing, and more.

For now it is not recommended to use them since compatibility with iTunes is lost, being necessary to uninstall them to return to iTunes. And that is that iTunes on Windows is still compatible with podcasts and audiobooks that the new applications do not cover.

In this sense, according to the Apple Music for Windows release notes, it is suggested that podcasts and audiobooks will be inaccessible until a compatible version of iTunes is released, which indicates that there will still be iTunes on Windows to address the issue. management of these formats, expecting a new version that can coexist with any of the three new applications now available in preview phase.

This also means that there will be no versions of the Apple Podcasts and Books applications, existing on Mac computers, for Windows systems, opting for an application that will maintain the iTunes brand on Windows.

What we do not know at the moment is if the three new applications in preview will be limited to Windows 11 with the 2022 update when the official versions are released or will have support for versions of Windows 10 that will allow them to reach a wider audience. broad, given the market share of Windows 10.

Over time it will be seen how Apple’s presence in Windows systems will be configured for those who have Apple devices and also use Windows.

Via: ArsTechnica

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