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The Tesla Semi is closer than ever. When will it arrive?

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One of the most anticipated vehicles from the company founded by Elon Musk, with permission from the Cybertruck electric pick-up, is the Tesla Semi. Yes, the mammoth electric truck of the American giant is one of the most interesting projects.

More than anything because today, No manufacturer has succeeded in bringing a fully electric truck to market that is capable of standing up to Class 8 heavy duty trucks in the United States.. And considering what these vehicles pollute, not to mention the consequent fuel savings, more and more companies are interested in the Tesla Semi.

The truth is Tesla’s electric truck points to ways to become the American company’s next big hit, and little by little we have learned new details, such as the Mad Max Mode that it will integrate to offer a more sporty driving. And finally it seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Mainly because the Tesla Semi is right around the corner.

The Tesla Semi will go into production later this year

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The Tesla Semi is closer than ever When will it

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Tesla Semi Tesla

The wait has been eternal, it should be remembered that the Tesla electric truck was presented there in 2017- but we finally know when the series production of the Semi model will begin. All thanks to different leaks that indicate that the first production line – the manufacture of the driving axle – is already giving the last stitches to the final controls so that the first units can begin to be manufactured. All this would be happening in a new building next to the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada. The idea would be produce five trucks per week starting at the end of this year.

Remember that two versions of the Tesla Semi are expected. On the one hand, a model with 480 kilometers of autonomy, in addition to a second more vitaminized electric truck that would reach a surprising autonomy of 800 kilometers, which makes it perfect for long routes. And beware, Elon Musk has already warned that they would work to get this second model to reach 950 kilometers of autonomy.

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Its price? It will cost $ 150,000 for the 480-kilometer version and $ 180,000 for the 500-kilometer model on a single charge., or 950 kilometers if the CEO of Tesla manages to increase his autonomy …

It remains to be seen if the Tesla Semi is capable of competing with a market in which it could mark a before and after. And seeing the reserves that there are of the Tesla Semi, it seems that companies are going to bet very hard on the electric truck of the American motor giant.

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