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The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 go up in price again. What’s going on?

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We recently announced the arrival of the Model Tesla Y to Spain. Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated electric cars in our country and that, after a long wait, is finally available on the American manufacturer’s website for reservation.

Y If you are interested in purchasing the Model Tesla Y, you better hurry to reserve it. Mainly because it could go up in price at any moment. More, if one takes into account what has just happened in the United States.

If a little over a month ago we informed you that the Tesla Model Plaid raised its price by $ 10,000 due to the high demand for this electric vehicle, now it is the turn of two more cars.

Some increases caused by the success in sales

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The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 go up in

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Tesla Model 3 on the road Tesla

How can you check if you access the manufacturer’s website for the United States, Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor goes from $ 52,990 to $ 53,990. The Performance version maintains its price for the moment. On the other hand, the Tesla Model 3 has also raised its price, and in this case by $ 5,000. In this way, the Longe Range Dual Motor goes from $ 44,990 to $ 49,990.

The reason, as on previous occasions, It is as simple as the Model Y and Model 3 are sweeping sales. And not only in the United States, but in other countries they are reaping overwhelming success. To give you the idea, during the launch of the Model Y in China, more than 15,000 orders were booked in the first days, making it clear that this vehicle would be one of the great successes in the country.

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It should also be noted that Tesla’s gigafactory in Texas will produce the Model Y, where they plan to integrate the new 4680 cells, which would translate into increased autonomy and reduced manufacturing costs.

In this way, although the price increase of the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 is not exactly beneficial for customers, it is true that it means that the company founded by Elon Musk is doing things really well. And let’s remember that the Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Semi will land very soon, the next first swords of the firm to dominate the electric automotive sector with an iron fist.

We do not know if the Tesla Model Y, or the Tesla Model 3 will end up raising its price in Spain. Especially if you take into account that they already cost a lot more than in the United States. But, as we told you at the beginning, if you are considering buying one of these electric cars, you better hurry to reserve your unit at the current price.

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