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The Tesla Cybertruck will offer better autonomy thanks to its design. How?

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One of the most anticipated electric cars is the tesla cybertruck, a vehicle that has not stopped suffering delays, in addition to several price increases. Well, you know that its particular design, which has caused so much controversy, will be one of its best features.

The particular lines of Tesla Cybertruck design have been controversial. Many users have liked that steampunk style and that it seems taken from a video game, while others are not so in agreement with the style of the electric van of the American motor giant.

Although it seems that the company hid an ace up its sleeve. More than anything because the aerodynamics of the Tesla Cybertruck could not be more complete. Or this is what emerges from a report published by the engineer Aleix Lázaro Prat through his LinkedIn account and where we have been able to see that The Tesla Cybertruck achieves a drag coefficient of 0.39. A figure of scandal, especially if you take into account that most pick-ups far exceed 0.49 points.

What is the aerodynamic coefficient and what is it for?

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In case you don’t know, the aerodynamic coefficient is used to measure the wind resistance of an object. And in this case, the Tesla Cybertruck really comes out on top. And much of the credit goes to its particular design.

The Tesla Cybertruck will offer better autonomy thanks to its

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Tesla Cybertruck Design Tesla

Through different simulation tests, this engineer has been able to see how the Tesla Cybertruck behaves, leaving surprising results. To begin with, yesits regular and sharp geometric shapes do not cause eddies of wind, as expected.

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To this must be added the rear diffuser, which is responsible for reducing the exit wake to reduce wind resistance. It is true that there is room for improvement, as indicated in the study carried out, but it is still an exquisite design for an electric truck.

It should be noted that this engineer has conducted tests with the original design of the Tesla Cybertruckso it will be necessary to see how far it goes with its final geometry and that it could do without rear-view mirrors to use a camera system that could further reduce the aerodynamic coefficient of this electric pick-up.

Regardless of whether they manage to further improve the aerodynamics of the Tesla Cybertruck, the work done by the design team of the electric motor giant is more than commendable. Mainly because it would become the best electric pick-up in terms of wind resistance, and this translates into an improvement in its autonomy, which is why it is a very important feature.

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