The Tesla Cybertruck will have air suspension, and a video allows you to see it

Little by little, and thanks to different leaks, different details of the future are becoming known. Tesla Cybertruck. This electric vehicle is one of those that is generating the most expectation regarding its arrival, since the futuristic aspect of its design, as well as its wide possibilities make it differential. Well, something important has been learned about the suspension system thanks to a video

The recording allows you to check and confirm that the Tesla model will have a air suspension that the driver can activate at the time he deems necessary. Therefore, he will be able to overcome important obstacles that can be found on the roads (even suffer less than usual from the loaded weight). Consequently, we are talking about something that has rarely been seen in the automotive industry -although brands like Citroën experimented with this possibility a long time ago, but in a much less refined way by what is distinguished-.


A video that is completely enlightening

Without having an image quality that is especially good, it is perfectly distinguishable how a Tesla Cybertruck circulates inside a company factory (everything indicates that it is the one in Texas). And it does it with the air suspension fully activated, which allows you to see that the route it has is much greater than what could be expected. Therefore, here it seems that Elon Musk’s company will be surprised, which, by the way, confirmed some time ago that this option would be present in the vehicle we are talking about… but until now little or nothing was known about it.

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Video of Tesla Cybertruck in Off-Road Suspension Mode / Highest Ride Height

— (@CybertruckOC) February 21, 2023

With this solution, regardless of the use that is given to the Cybertruck, whether residential or business, the option of raising the suspension will allow you to obtain a better response with high loads and, even, it will be possible to increase the life time of the tires due to excessive pressure or avoid unwanted vibrations if something is carried from one place to another that is especially delicate. It remains to be seen if this option does not influence the possible use of trailers with the vehicle that Tesla is preparing.

Arrival of this Tesla model

Despite all that has been said about it, at the moment there is no exact date on which it is certain that the Tesla Cybertruck will be put up for sale. There is even information due to the prototypes that are put on the road that indicate that they are assessing changes on the front, such as including a large element windshield wiper or changing the fan grill. Therefore, it seems that its landing is not something imminent.