The Tasks app is made compatible with macOS Big Sur and adds new functions

Tasks App.jpg
Tasks App.jpg

Today is the turn to talk about Tasks, a task and reminder manager app which has been updated with important new features for macOS. It is an app that I recommend you download now, in case you have not found the ideal app to keep track of your tasks, projects, notes or reminders.

Tasks takes a big step by updating for macOS Big Sur and adds new features that will benefit the user

Version 1.3.1 improves the view of the tasks added to Tasks, in addition to having an improvement in the selection of date and time. If you want to add images to each task or project it is easier, just copy an item and paste it thanks to the clipboard. The development they have had to date is incredible since it is finally a completely universal app. You can have it on your iPhone, iPad and Mac and use iCloud syncing.

In addition to being already compatible with macOS Big Sur, Tasks adds support for widgets, multi-windows, keyboard shortcuts and other internal improvements that will impact the performance of our Mac.

It is a free app that includes an annual or lifetime subscription model. You can download it to explore it and convince yourself that it is an app that you should use yes or yes.

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