The Swiss army knife for your Google Pixel is this application that even allows you to root it

the swiss army knife for your google pixel is this.webp.webp.webp
the swiss army knife for your google pixel is this.webp.webp.webp

Do you want to completely modify your Google Pixel and do you have the knowledge to do so? Well, there is no need to fight with Fastboot and the code, PixelFlasher is an excellent application for computers with which adjust the phone in detail. It even allows ROOT with the full potential of Magisk.

Google has achieved mobile phones that not only represent Android like no other, it also included options that ended up making them unique. Tools such as the magic editor, Circle to search, AI generation of wallpapers and the Pixel Launcher mark the experience with charisma; to such an extent that they generally remove the need to expand the horizons of use. But what if you wanted to expand them?

PixelFlasher, an all-in-one for advanced users

pixel flasher

Google Pixel 8 Pro connected to PixelFlasher on macOS

The tool is for computers, both Windows, macOS and Linux: PixelFlasher is universal. Once downloaded from the developer’s GitHub, and after connecting the Pixel (active debugging mode is required), the app offers endless options; everything to modify the phone or interact with it in an advanced way.

After opening PixelFlasher, the user window appears to choose the “platform-tools” folder, essential in the ADB/Fastboot connection, and the Official Google Pixel ROM to modify before loading. This is a matter of advanced use, with the modification you can load different patches to the ROM, such as Magisk; all without having to fight with flashing once installed on the device. In addition, PixelFlasher offers many other advantages.

The tool includes direct access to download the official firmwares of any Pixel, including watches; offers all the information of the connected phone; allows you to manage Magisk backups; enables the direct installation of APKs from the computer; PixelFlasher includes Scrpy to upload the mobile screen to the computer and a huge number of advanced options, such as locking and unlocking the bootloader or managing the phone partitions.

pixel flasher

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options available in PixelFasher

PixelFlasher is wonderful when it comes to managing Google Pixels, although you have to be very careful: The tool has the potential to damage the phone if not used correctly.. It is open source, completely free and has recently been updated to version 6.7.1. Is available in this link.

Cover image | Ivan Linares

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