The superfood that Steve Jobs recommended and that Apple censors the media that publishes it

the superfood that steve jobs recommended and that apple censors
the superfood that steve jobs recommended and that apple censors

Apple just celebrated the WWDC 2023 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference), the most important event in years with the presentation of a new product line such as Vision Pro glasses. For the first time, it has denied entry to the main media about the bitten apple in Spain. The reason? The publication of an article talking about the super food that Steve Jobs recommended to lose weight and stay satiated.

By now we all know that miracle diets do not exist and that superfoods It has much more name than reality. A varied and healthy diet, together with the practice of exercise, is what most people without pathologies or health problems need. The supervision of a professional is key to achieving any type of objective that we seek, be it weight loss or similar.

However, the internet is littered with articles and posts on superfoods, magic diets, satiating products to avoid having to eat more and a series of other things with little or no scientific rigor. The problem comes when some famous person endorses those ideas and transmits them to his followers, being able to create a current that has no real benefit.

Apple’s father and his diet

During the month of May, various media, including Applesphere, published an article on “The superfood that Steve Jobs ate to lose weight and be full.” The founder of Apple, along with Steve Wozniak, was very strict with his diet, reaching the point of being obsessed with some things.

During his life he always maintained a good physical shape except in the final stage in which cancer made its presence. Jobs was a vegetarian, something we all know, but in his biography some key aspects of his diet have been revealed. In fact, they led to problems with the cooks. The carrot it was the superfood he loved for both its flavor and its satiating properties. He read it in a book by Frances Moore Lappé on vegetarianism.

Why was Applesfera banned?

Few could have imagined what a simple article without malice about an anecdote told in the biography of Steve Jobs would trigger, but the truth is that it ended with the no invitation to WWDC by Applesfera.

This medium is the most visited in Spain for information about Apple and they have attended all the presentations that have been made in California, in addition to regularly receiving all the news for analysis. Nevertheless, the dark and censorious attitude from Apple’s press department in Spain has truncated this relationship, even forcing them to delete the article that is no longer available on their website. Its manager, Pedro Aznar, wrote a tweet confirming that the article had been deleted “to avoid misinterpretations.”

Silvia Martín-Prat Bolin, Senior PR of Apple Spain, is following to the letter the legacy of her predecessor, Paco Lara, who only invited related media to press events and controlled to the millimeter the information that was published about the company led by Tim Cook.

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