The streaming application where you can watch Concha Velasco movies and series for free

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A sad day for Spain with the death of Concha Velasco, a theater, film and television star to remember from this streaming app.

Sad news for the actress who made an entire country fall in love with her great energy, grace and great acting skills. To enjoy some of the best films by Concha Velasco and his appearances on both the big and small screensthere is an app that is the perfect solution so that on this Saturday afternoon you can remember the actress where she looked like the great star she was.

This year, 2023, two great stars of national cinema are leaving, and just in the summer Carmen Sevilla died with a tribute that we made from EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre. To commemorate the great repertoire of Concha Velasco films There is no better app than RTVE Playwhich has its own page dedicated to the Spanish actress with her best appearances in television programs and series.

Programs like neighborhood cinema, Hello Raffaella or in the legendary cooking show Caught red handed They had Concha Velasco with its innate ability to attract the viewer’s gaze and that thing in cinema that is usually said when an actress or actor likes the camera.

The app where you can see Concha Velasco

RTVE Play is available from its app on Android and iOS as well as in its web version to enjoy all types of Concha Velasco videos completely free of charge. The app is available for download, as are the following links to directly access one of the best collections and some of his best-known films:

A unmissable date for the yeyé girl with that tireless way of being and the magic that she was capable of providing in a few years in which television and the big screen were the only formats to enjoy Concha Velasco and her countless films.

An extensive filmography both in cinema, with his first film in 1954 with The Moorish Queen, as in theater where she was also very prolific since 1959 and with a very special presence on television with various large-format programs and audiences of millions of viewers. Known for the girl yeyé, one of her greatest musical triumphs, the RTVE Play app on this sad Saturday is perfect to remember some of your best moments cinematographic and television.

From EL ESPAÑOL today is a special day to remember the thousand and one faces of Concha Velasco, being one of the favorite actresses of the master of cinema Luis García Berlanga, being a fashion icon to claim herself as a woman and the interview she gave to EL ESPAÑOL in 2017 where he showed his demands and his way of thinking to be one of the best actresses that theater, cinema and television has given in Spain.

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