The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe is now available on Steam

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There are games, like The Stanley Parable, which leave a mark. It is true that we are talking about such a heterogeneous experience that, for many people, it is even difficult to interpret it as a game. Moreover, we are talking about a game that should be explored without knowing anything about it, so that the experience is as surprising as its creators intended. And the good news, for this purpose, is that we can find a free demo of The Stanley Parable (from the classic version) on Steam with which to assess whether you like it or not.

And as we already told you, a few weeks ago, the creator studio of The Stanley Parable, Crows Crows Crows, had been working for quite some time on an expanded and improved reissue, of which we were able to see a video preview, in which we were also He said that we would not have to wait long to be able to enjoy it, since its expected date of arrival on the market was April 27. A date that has passed, so that The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe is now available on Steam.

The first good news, for those who have the original on Steam, is that its base price of 21.99 euros, a discount of 33% is automatically applied, so the final amount is €14.66. At this point it is important to specify, yes, that although the base is the same, we are talking about two independent games, that is, they do not share started games, achievements, etc., contrary to what happens with other reissues, such as It has happened for example with Death Stranding on Steam with the release of the director’s edition.

Just like the original title, The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe features the 2013 team membersincluding the unmistakable voice of Kevan Brighting as the voice that accompanies-directs Stanley from the beginning of his journey, in cubicle 427, from where he starts out as a nondescript and dutiful employee, who will gradually face decisions, apparently very simple, but that will completely change the development of the game’s narrative.

Without going into revelations about the game mechanics, in order not to ruin your experience if you haven’t tried it yet and are curious, you should know that The Stanley Parable leads you to ask quite a few questions about yourself, and that with this new Ultra Deluxe edition the breadth of the dynamic story arc is extended considerably. Something that, added to the good playability of the game, especially if you haven’t picked up the classic for a long time, provides a familiar experience but, at the same time, surprising.

In the evolution of the plot we can also see an update that addresses, in a subtle way, thehe social changes we have experienced in the last nine years, which makes The Stanley Parable feel like something very current, despite the fact that much of it dates from 2013. Thus, and although I have not yet been able to spend too much time on it, I do have the clear feeling that we are talking about a reissue it’s worth it. Or, to re-enter the Stanley universe, it’s a worthwhile upgrade and it’s not a worthwhile upgrade.

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