The Spotify trick that will help you further customize your playlists

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Spotify has earned itself being the most widely used explanation when listening to music online. The acclaimed streaming service boasts a catalog beyond any doubt, as well as an app that never fails and an unbeatable recommendation system. Taking into account that it has rivals like Tidal, Apple Music or Amazon Music HD that offer lossless sound (much better quality than Spotify) and that the arrival of Spotify HiFi is only delayed, it is very meritorious that the platform continues to dominate with a fist of iron the music streaming apps sector. And it is that, much of the success of Spotify, in addition to being the first app of its kind that appeared on the market offering a very competitive price for everything it has and offers. Get more out of Spotify with this simple trick Even so, Spotify has an extensive music library that includes a wide variety of genres and artists. Users can access millions of songs instantly and discover new music. And be careful with its recommendation system, because it has no rival in the sector. To do this, it uses algorithms and user behavior data to offer personalized music recommendations. The platform learns from your tastes and listening habits to suggest songs, artists and playlists that suit your preferences. And the truth is that it is quite right. Also, if you know the best tricks for Spotify, you will be able to get much more out of this music streaming platform. We have already explained how to create private lists from your mobile, and today we are going to teach you a simple trick so that you can easily identify them. If you’ve ever created a playlist on Spotify, you’ll know that it automatically selects a cover that it thinks is the right one. Well, you know that you will be able to customize it to choose the photo that you like the most. In addition, and as you will see later, the process is extremely simple and will not take you more than a few seconds. How to change the cover art in a Spotify playlistOpen SpotifyGo to the playlist you want to customizeClick on the three dots icon next to itNow, choose Edit ListSelect the Change Image optionFinally, choose the photo you want from the gallery. Now you know how to give a personal touch to your playlists on Spotify. >

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