The Spotify player for Android is updated, but for a select few


Good news for those who use the Spotify streaming music service, which is not exactly a few. As has just been revealed, the company is releasing the new version of the player that they have been testing for all, which are part of the test version of the application. And this one has very interesting news. To be able to enjoy this advance, you must have the Android app version installed, which is already available to all users. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the novelty we are talking about. This has to do with a change in the appearance of the player that makes its use much more attractive and that fits much better with the design that the Android operating system currently has. But unfortunately, there is a handicap that you will not be able to overcome much to see the new work. Something that is key to enjoying the new Spotify Well, it is the following: you must have the Android 13 version installed on the terminal, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the visual changes. And this is something that many models on the market currently do not comply with, which is why we are talking about a restriction that affects a good number of users. Obviously, if you do not have this development, the user interface that you will see on the screen will be the usual one, so the use of the application is maintained. The number of changes that exist, we always talk about aesthetics, quite numerous. An example of what we are saying is that the buttons are now rounded instead of square, and some of them even have changes in their position (without going any further, the previous or next ones are now at the ends of the search bar ). It will even be possible to choose between options to see in the user interface to better adapt to the use of songs or podcasts. Therefore, we are talking about options that also improve the usability of Spotify. More and more applications are adapted to Android 13 Little by little, the different developments on the market are receiving the corresponding updates to support the Google operating system. That, in the end, will make many users very unhappy for not being able to use this version of the development we are talking about. And, finally, they will end up changing their terminal if they do not receive adequate support (and, who knows, if the manufacturer for this reason). The point is that Spotify gets on the bandwagon of jobs like YouTube, SoundCloud or Shazam. >

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