The special Amazon discount returns: 7 euros free for your next purchase

discount 7 euros amazon

It is already more than usual for Amazon, from time to time, to start up again this type of promotions that allow us to save some money on the next purchase. From 7 euros, as in this case, up to 10 or 15 euros. Everything will depend on the type of promotion you have activated. In addition, as in the rest of the promotions, a series of requirements must be met.

So you can see if you can finally take advantage of this promotion that apply 7 euros discount in the next purchase on Amazon, we will see the requirements. Although, we will tell you an easier way for you to know if you can use this discount in the online store.

Amazon discount on the next purchase

The e-commerce giant has launched a new promotion that rewards those customers who use the Amazon collection option. That is, it will have to use one of the collection points that the online store has distributed throughout our area and to be able to apply the discount of 7 euros on the next purchase. As simple as that. However, these are the requirements that you must take into account:

  • The offer is valid from February 21 to June 30, 2023or until you reach a limit of 15,000 promotional credits used on a purchase.
  • The minimum purchase What must be done to be able to apply this discount is 20 euros.
  • ‘The Promotional Credits may be applied only for the purchase of any product sold by Amazon ES on, with the exception of digital content (such as eBooks and MP3), Amazon accessories and devices, gift vouchers, infant formulas for infants and young children, books, gift wrap, shipping and handling, Refurbished Products, products sold by third-party sellers, or products and services sold on any other website.
  • Promo code cannot be used on items sold by Amazon sellers other than ‘Amazon ES’ (for example, offer does not apply when seller is ‘Amazon UK’, ‘Amazon DE’, etc.)‘.
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In general, this type of discount is notified to customers via email or through the app or website itself while browsing the online store if we are logged in. However, you can find out if you are eligible for the 7 euro discount from this page of the amazon promotion. To buy it you will have to log in with your account.

discount 7 euros amazon

How to redeem Amazon coupon

Once we know if we are eligible to apply the discount of 7 euros from Amazon, we have to know that series of steps that will have to be followed to redeem this promotional coupon in the online store when we go to make our next purchase:

  • First, go to this website (and log in) and tap on the ‘Apply the promotion‘.
  • Choose a collection point close to your house or that catches you well and add it to the address book.
  • Next, add a product to the cart (minimum 20 euros) and choose the collection point that you had previously selected.

That easy. In addition, you will not have to manually apply the discount code from the online store. More than anything, because once we have applied the promotion, tapping on the yellow button that appeared on its website, will be applied automatically the discount of 7 euros.