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The songs that are trending in TikTok videos

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Many of the songs that you have in your head playing over and over again have played on the radio and have not disappeared from your memory for the rest of the week. But others do not come from the radio but from social networks. Viral TikTok songs that play continuously and make you repeat them in your mind over and over again even though you don’t even know the title nor the artist but that you have heard a thousand times.

The most viral songs on TikTok that play continuously in the app and in all the videos you watch in it or that are then uploaded to Instagram Reels and you have listened continuously. How do we identify them? Which are? How do we find them? In the next paragraphs we answer all these questions…

How to find trending songs

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We can find the songs that are trending on TikTok from the video application and they will vary depending on the moment in which you consult it. The app or tool has its own classification to show us what is the most viral.

The steps are the following:

  • You open the TikTok app
  • Go to the bottom corner of the screen
  • You tap on “+”
  • Go to the top and look for the “Sounds” section
  • It will take you to a new screen
  • There are two options at the top: Trends or Favorites
  • Choose the first: Trends
  • Here you will see recommended topics and you must click on “more”

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You can choose between the different lists or themes as you want to see what is trending in each of them. What is the most recommendedbut also the hot 50 in Spain, the top 40 or specific lists or specific genres such as world hits, fitness, reggaeton, what’s going on, what’s viral, news…

From these lists we can see what is viral at all times and we can see which are the most popular songs in the app when you consult them. Both in Spain and internationally or globally but also, as we have explained, which are the most viral songs of each of the genres that we use.

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Also, you should keep in mind that there are not only songs that go popular or viral but there are also little sounds and even speeches that have become hits in the videos of all kinds of influencers and your coworker who uploads their stories to TikTok while dancing, studying or reflecting.

How to know what song is playing

If instead of finding the most popular songs you simply want to know what song is playing in a video, the application also gives us that option. In this case, what we have to do is go to the video that interests us because we like the song and look at the bottom of the screen. Here comes an icon along with the sound it is. It can be a viral song or an original sound. When we have it, we can add it to favorites to use it in the video we want or simply if we liked the song that’s playing and we want to know what it is.

you just have to go later to your saved sounds and remember the title of that viral TikTok song that you liked and that you can listen to in another app.

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