The six best phones you can buy if you are looking for the best possible camera

These are the smartphones with the best photography section that can be bought from Spain right now to give as gifts this Christmas.


Compact cameras have been replaced by smartphones for most people in Spain. Its small size—in some cases—and its great photographic possibilities make this device ideal to take on the road as a camera. All mobile phones have at least one, but not all of them work equally well.

We are already in Christmas, one of the best times to give gifts to loved ones, and A smartphone with one of the best cameras on the market can be the dream gift for photography enthusiasts who want to have an all-terrain camera setup that is capable of performing well both day and night.

At EL ESPAÑOL- El Androide Libre we have compiled the cell phones with the best cameras on the market to make it easier to make the decision of which one to buy. In general, High-end mobile phones are the best in photography —especially the Pro, Ultra and Max modelssince manufacturers rely on this section to differentiate their devices, although there are other mobile phones, at a lower price, that also do a great job.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

The new range of Google mobile phones has been revealed, for yet another year, as one of the best cameras on the market, with the addition of its curious artificial intelligence functions to improve images, such as a face selector that can change the faces of the people who appear in the photos to reflect their best shot.

Regarding its sensors, it has a main 50 Mpx, a 48 Mpx wide angle and a 48 Mpx 5x telephoto lens. This is a very versatile combination, which allows you to take photographs with a greater angle of view, as well as take images with zoom without losing quality.


As we told you in its analysis, the results after having tried it are very good. The level of fidelity it achieves both day and night is spectacular, and its secondary cameras are also capable of doing a great job. Image processing manages to get the most out of it thanks to the company’s artificial intelligence. It is available for 1,099 euros.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

It is Samsung’s most powerful mobile phone, and also the one with the best photography section. Its 200 Mpx main sensor with optical stabilizer has the highest resolution available in a smartphone, which means that it can be cropped to the extreme while maintaining a huge amount of detail, which is very positive for subsequent photo editing. .


In addition, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has three other cameras: a 12.2 Mpx wide-angle lens, and two 12 Mpx telephoto lenses, one 3x and the other 10x. The images it is able to take are more realistic than in previous generations, since its processing is less intrusive in terms of colors, although there are times when these are very attractive, but not very realistic. Nothing that can’t be solved with some editing.

Beyond having good sensors, it is one of those devices that has a large number of options in the camera app. For example, it allows you to activate modes such as manual, trail of lights or astrophotography, which, using a long exposure, is capable of capturing the stars.

This, added to the set of sensors it offers, makes it one of the most versatile alternatives on the market. Without a doubt, it is one of the best alternatives for taking photos in any situation, and its 10x zoom allows you to take incredible distance photos when traveling. It can be purchased for around 1,080 euros.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple’s best current mobile phone is not far behind in terms of camera quality. In this case, it is one of the mobile phones capable of capturing images with greater realism in terms of colors. It has a 48 Mpx main camera with optical stabilizer, a 12 Mpx wide angle and a 12 Mpx 5x telephoto lens. Its selfie camera is also 12 Mpx.


It is one of the best alternatives on the market, and just as in the case of Google’s mobile phone, it is greatly helped by the incredible processing technology it uses. It also helps that Apple has designed this section thinking that the mix of these sensors will allow the user to take very different images.

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Its camera app is simple, as always, and the video also stands as one of the great strengths of this section on mobile, with the addition of being able to record in Apple ProRes format, a video format that improves quality, in exchange, yes, for taking up much more space.

The photographs it takes have exceptional quality in virtually any situation, and its color representation is very faithful, so it is unlikely to find oversaturated results. The main camera captures, by default, at 24 Mpx, but you can turn on full resolution mode to get more detail. It is on sale for 1,469 euros in its base version.

Google Pixel 7a

In this case, it is not a high-end mobile phone, but rather a mid-range device, which is available for a low price of only 509 euros, slightly less than half of the majority of devices on the list. Of course, it has a low number of cameras compared to the rest, since it only has its 64 Mpx main sensor and a 13 Mpx wide angle.


In addition, it considerably improves the performance of the previous generation. The Google Pixel 7a offers great speed when it comes to capturing images, and benefits from Google’s spectacular processing to improve all the photos you take. Like the Pixel 8, it doesn’t have a telephoto sensor, but it’s capable of a zoom crop that doesn’t look bad.

Compared to other mobile phones of a similar price, it is the most recommended option, and the one that will offer the best results at night, where it is capable of capturing a large amount of light, in addition to having a good color calibration, which is shown also quite realistically.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra

The Chinese company has taken a big leap in recent years when it comes to the photographic section of its flagship, and it has been in collaboration with Leica, the popular camera brand. This mobile phone has a unique design that even allows you to add accessories for photography, such as a handheld support with a button that perfectly emulates the feeling of grip that a camera offers.

As for the cameras it mounts, they are all 50 Mpx, including the main one—one inch—with optical stabilizer and a variable aperture of f/1.9 – f/4.0. It also has a wide angle with a viewing angle of 122 degrees, a 3x telephoto lens and a 5x telephoto lens. This gives it great versatility, since it allows all types of points of view to be taken. Its selfie camera is 32 Mpx, a great resolution too.

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The mobile manages to take advantage of the size of the main sensor to preserve as much detail as possible and take photos quickly. It also has the option of activating a variable aperture mode, which allows you to create a greater or lesser natural blur effect without having to use portrait mode. At night, the results are very good, and it is capable of offering great quality without altering the colors compared to reality. Its price is 1,399 euros.

Vivo X90 Pro

In this case, the brand has teamed up with Zeiss to configure the photography section of the Vivo X90 Pro, and it is one of the best features of the device. Especially due to its one-inch sensor, which, due to its larger size and high quality, is capable of providing extra in terms of fidelity compared to some of its competitors.


It has three sensors, the main one being 50 Mpx, the wide-angle one being 12 Mpx and the 2x telephoto sensor for portraits, also 50 Mpx. The latter makes this mode one of the most powerful on the market, although it does not make it ideal for taking long-distance photographs, as is the case in other high-end phones.

Its level of detail is very good, and the portraits offer very polished results that make it handle well in practically any environment and lighting. Beyond this, it has several modes created in collaboration with Zeiss that can improve many images, including wide-angle corrections. It is also capable of recording in 4K at 60 frames per second. It has a price of 1,199 euros.