The “Sims 5” is coming to Android and iOS phones


The Sims, the entire saga, is one of the best life simulators for mobile phones, and perhaps the most famous of all time. Its gameplay and the extreme customization it offers have made it a standard in this genre of games. Now, the sims 5 is closer than ever and this great news has been accompanied by the announcement that the new installment will reach both mobile phones with Android and iOS operating systems.

The mobile version will not be a partial sample, the game would arrive with each of its qualities and freedoms.

As has been leaked, the Sims 5 will have a version for smartphones with all the functions of the title for computers. Going deeper into the matter, a few days ago Electronic Arts and Maxis announced that they were working on the “Rene Project”, which also refers to the Sims 5. According to the companies, the saga will be completely renewed, to such an extent that it will go one step further than just being a new title.

One of the main novelties that would arrive in “Sims 5” would be cross-play. This would give the player the comfort of continuing his game on any other device that has the game installed. In principle, the function was only supposed to be available on PC and consoles, but it will also arrive on mobile phones, which is quite a success.

If cross-play on phones becomes a reality, it means that the player will have the ability to do the same as in the computer game, there would be no obstacles. This novelty would be a great point in favor, since the virtual character could be developed from anywhere, it would not be necessary to be tied to the computer or the console.

As for the release of the Sims 5, the date is unknown at the moment. The only certain thing is that the video game is in the development stage, which means that it could be released in the market within one or two years. It is a project that will be launched as polished and complete as possible and that the companies are in no hurry to make available to users until it is completely finished.

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