The simplest, most detailed and minimalist weather report ever. This is this app for Android that has just arrived in the Play Store

the simplest most detailed and minimalist weather report ever this.webp.webp.webp
the simplest most detailed and minimalist weather report ever this.webp.webp.webp

When it’s time to go out, there is a question that haunts our minds. How is the weather today? And in a few hours? To answer, there is no better alternative than applications to know the weather forecast on Android. They come in pairs, but you won’t find two alike.

You will probably use the one that comes by default on your mobile, or the Google section that does not require downloads or installation. However, it is worth taking a look at the Play Store to find other options focused on various sections. Don’t Forget The Weather It is a new application that seeks to be different from the rest. We have tested it and we will tell you how to download it and what functions it has.

Before leaving home, don’t forget to check the weather in this new application

As we can read on Reddit, where the author of the app has commented, the application was born out of a need. During your vacation, the rain

Therefore, it was decided to develop an app that, at a glance, allows you to know the weather conditions hour by hour. This was the origin of Don’t Forget The Weatherdeveloped in Google’s modern development environment for Android: Flutter.

Don't Forget The Weather 2

We have downloaded and installed it – it barely weighs a few megabytes – and we can affirm that has met expectations despite being in development. When we open it, we see a simple interface that shows the current state of the weather, adorned with an icon that exemplifies it.

Just below, it shows some information cards where we can check the forecast for 24 hours of each day of the week. They are presented in a visual way, with small squares colored according to the forecast. In addition, it follows the Material You guidelines, making it highly intuitive.

We can move between cards which will detail the following data:

  1. Cloud and precipitation forecast
  2. Temperature forecast.
  3. Thermal sensation.
  4. Average wind speed.
  5. Wind gusts.
  6. LluPlaying at a specific time, we still have more information: percentage of clouds, probability of rain
    Don't Forget The Weather

    Also, in your settings, you have an option to change units of measurement: type of clock (12 or 24 hours), unit of temperature, wind speed, and rain

    It is completely free (with a premium version to have more than one location), and although its author is already planning the future of the app – there are still features to add – it is currently quite complete. We leave the link to the Google Play Store below.

    Don’t Forget The Weather

    Dont Forget The Weather is a simple and fast weather app that focuses on hourly forecasts at a glance.

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